PlayStation Vita Slim Hits The UK Next Week


The thinner, non-OLED version of PlayStation’s latest portable makes its way from Japan to the UK next week. As we ponder a North American release, PlayStation Access celebrates with a Vita model comparison music video.

The Vita Slim launches in the UK on February 7 with a suggested price of £180 (rougly $300). PlayStation Access was also kind enough to provide their own unboxing — you know, for the kids.

So yes — it’s lighter, thinner, cheaper feeling, and it’s inclined to move in a westernly direction. The closer it gets to North America, the more pleased I am that I purchased the more substantial version while it was still a thing.


  • This is giving me bad PSP-E1000 vibes. Non-OLED wouldn’t bother me so much if the trade off is better battery life, but it depends how much better it is. Also the Fat Vita’s beautiful, flat one piece front is much nicer to look at than the slim. The edges of that screen would bug the hell out of me. Sure I’d make peace with it eventually, but right now it’s making me pull faces.

  • just need to know the price over here. With the current price around $250 I would hope for maybe $200. The memory cards are also the clincher. Give me a cheaper memory card (as basically everyone has said over the last couple of years) and I’ll get one

    • Reading some of the comments on the Eurogamer story about this, it seems that the UK price, at least, is HIGHER than the current price of the OLED Vita (180 pounds vs about 130-140 for the current model which also comes bundled with 8 games). I’m not sure if our pricing is similar to there’s, but if you’re after a cheaper deal you may be better off getting one of the current units. And obviously you’ll get the better screen then, too.

      As far as the memory cards go, yeah, everybody was saying to make them cheaper, and that actually already happened a few months back (at the same time they cut the price of the Vita itself), so I wouldn’t be expecting them to cut the price again any time soon.

      I bought one of these myself back when the price cut first kicked in (and about 1 day before they started bundling Killzone with it 🙁 ), along with a 16Gb card and I’ve been really happy with it (apart from the 3G bit failing on my original unit about a few days after I bought it, but swapped it over for a new one and no issues since). Especially if you have a PS+ subscription and have been claiming the Vita games each month like I was, it was more than worth the price just to be able to play all those games I’d accumulated over the past year or two.

    • ozgameshop have the slim on preorder for $325 while the original is $230.

      Perhaps Sony have jacked up the price because it has 1GB built in memory, and those gigabytes are expensive (apparently)

      I know it’s UK pricing but their phat price is equivalent to our local price so it’s a good guide.

      • That is not a good comparison. Ozgameshop great games not a great place to buy a console from. All the vitas on there are more expensive then buying local. The same thing applies to the 3DS consoles on there all of them are over $300 this is the same on other foreign dealers such as PlayAsia.

  • I’ve had my “phat” Vita for over year – and its one of the best gaming devices ever

    Killer app if you have a PS4 too – remote play is fantastic

    Cant recommend this device enough

  • I wish they would change the sticks – I thought the point of have duel sticks was to be able to finally play fps games well – but they just don’t feel that great, and I end up up playing everything but shooters first/3rd on it 🙁

  • This is back to the whole Sony doesn’t get it thing. This thing is a downgrade of the original but isn’t significantly cheaper.

  • Fingers crossed my Vita never dies since the slims are replacing them. zero interest in having a noticeably worse screen for an extra hour of battery life

  • To a lot of people it may sound like a small difference, but longer battery life is worth it. It’s also thinner, lighter and feels much nicer overall. It’s definitely more portable. Although I love the OLED screen in the 1000, the LCD does the job fine. Anyways, I still keep my 1000 so I can play games using the OLED screen when I feel like it.
    Now if only they developed OLED screen that doesn’t eat away the battery as much and put it in a 3000, I’d go crazy.

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