The PlayStation Vita Slim Is Coming. One Day.


    Must be a slow news day.

      Every day is a slow news day when it comes to Kotaku US

    Mega64 are awesome, but you know they are making fun of gaming news sources like the ones for Kotaku right?

    I wish I had a job where they paid me to do nothing.

    lol seen it first at GAMETRAILERS.COM why we could all go there now....

    Reddit, Gametrailers... I wonder where else Luke gets his stuff from?

    Well now come on, Mega 64 you guys, I don't suppose it really needs too much introductory text to go with it...

      And another thing, sure it might have been on GameTrailers or godforbid Reddit first, but does that really mean it shouldn't be posted at all? I'm sure there are people who don't visit very many locations to get their video game news.

        Or who can't visit other sites while at work (even Kotaku US - Or is that a blessing?)

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