Minecraft Comes To The PlayStation 3 Tomorrow

Minecraft Comes To The PlayStation 3 Tomorrow

PlayStation Australia has confirmed that Mojang's block-building sensation will be available for PlayStation 3 starting tomorrow, December 18. Hurrah!

Minecraft: PlayStation Edition will include all the features present in other console editions of the game, barring platform-exclusive content packs. On a guest post on the official PlayStation blog, Mojang's Owen Hill said downloadable texture packs and skins will be available soon after launch.

We'll need to keep our "fingers crossed" for Sony-specific content, though. There's also no word on whether the PS3 edition will feature Remote Play/compatibility with the impending Vita or PS4 versions.

The PlayStation 4 and Vita editions are still in development, with an expected release of sometime next year. Check out the trailer below to see the PS3 version in action:


    It would be worth it if it was cross-buy with the ps4 and vita. I don't want to buy it another two times for when I want to play it on the ps4 or vita. Though ps4 version might utilise remote play, then I'd need to buy it only one more time.

      This. Hopefully they make it cross play further down the track? I'm primarily waiting for this on Vita at the moment.

        it will nether go to vita

          I get the joke but... They confirmed it will release around the same time as the PS4 edition...

    They've definitely sold at least one ... I've been waiting for a PSN release for a while.

    December 18 in Europe. Dec 19 for Australia. PSN updates on Thursday mornings here.

    Wish they would at least give us a general idea on a PS4 release, not really sure why they didn't just go PS3,4 and Vita simultaneous release.

    Where can you buy the Ps3 minecraft I'm lost.. .

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