Pokémon NPCs Say The Most Bizarre Things

The characters populating the world of Pokémon are kind of... special. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you scratch your head. Some will just be kind of random — but that's exactly what makes them so good, as far as fans of the franchise are concerned.

I mean, how iconic is the line about comfy shorts? The line is also a kind of an inane thing to say, though!

In any case, check out this video by TheJWittz, where he goes over the 10 best NPCs in Pokémon Red & Blue. It's nostalgic stuff.

Do you have a favourite NPC in Pokemon? Let us know in the comments.

Top 10 Pokémon NPCs: Gen 1 (Feat. Brizzy Voices) [TheJWittz]


    It should also be noted that TheJWittz is also currently a contestant on the latest series of King of the nerds.

    I've gotten around to playing White recently and there was one girl at the end of one of the early routes who says something like "My legs are sore after walking so long. Um... You don't have to look." Its like my character is a creeper or something. I just imagine him staring at her legs as if trying to comprehend how they can be sore, totally making it an uncomfortable situation.

    My particular favorite NPC was the Youngster in R/S/E running around in the sand yelling "Leaving footprints in the sand is so much fun!"

      Sometimes I wonder whether the lines spoken by the NPCs are poorly translated from the Japanese games...

    That fucker in viridian gym: "Yo champ in the making blah blah blah no one knows who the leader of this gym is"

    The sign next to him: "Viridian Gym Leader: Giovani"

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