The 10 Best Bosses In Pokémon

The 10 Best Bosses In Pokémon

The Elite Four, as we all know, is the final challenge every Pokémon trainer has to face at the end of a game. But after six generations, we’ve seen a lot of Elite Four trainers and champions — and some of these are definitely better than others.

Here’s TheJWittz‘s picks for the best Elite Four trainers, a list which includes:

  • Siebold, Pokémon X & Y (“There are no weak Pokemon in a Pokemon battle. There are only weak trainers.”)
  • Malva, Pokémon X & Y (She’s a member of Team Flare!)
  • Agatha, Pokémon Red & Blue (She hints at an interesting story with Professor Oak. Also, ghosts.)
  • Caitlin, Pokémon Black & White (She’s scary and powerful.)
  • Alder, champion of Pokémon Black & White (He’s not all about having the most powerful ‘mon, which makes him a curious champion.)
  • Red, Pokémon Gold & Silver (He’s a boss that lies beyond the Elite Four itself, carrying some of the best Pokemon from Red & Blue. And technically, he’s the person we play as in the previous games, which makes him fascinating.)
  • Lance, Pokémon Red & Blue (DRAGONS. Also, he’s a cheater.)
  • Steven, Champion of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (He gives you a bunch of cool shit.)
  • Blue, Champion of Pokémon Red & Blue (The first time you have to face a fifth trainer is a twist (what do you mean someone already beat me to the Elite Four?!) and since he’s basically Gary, the game plays up the whole rivalry thing).
  • Cynthia, Champion of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (She has a great, balanced team, she’s powerful, and she’s a great researcher).

A spot-on list if I ever saw one, though my number 1 would be a toss-up between Lance, Red, Blue and Siebold. You should definitely watch the video if you want a more detailed rationale behind all these picks too.

What about you, what are some of your favourite Elite Four members?

Top 10 Pokémon Elite Four + Champions [TheJWittz]

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