The 10 Best Bosses In Pokémon

The Elite Four, as we all know, is the final challenge every Pokémon trainer has to face at the end of a game. But after six generations, we've seen a lot of Elite Four trainers and champions — and some of these are definitely better than others.

Here's TheJWittz's picks for the best Elite Four trainers, a list which includes:

  • Siebold, Pokémon X & Y ("There are no weak Pokemon in a Pokemon battle. There are only weak trainers.")
  • Malva, Pokémon X & Y (She's a member of Team Flare!)
  • Agatha, Pokémon Red & Blue (She hints at an interesting story with Professor Oak. Also, ghosts.)
  • Caitlin, Pokémon Black & White (She's scary and powerful.)
  • Alder, champion of Pokémon Black & White (He's not all about having the most powerful 'mon, which makes him a curious champion.)
  • Red, Pokémon Gold & Silver (He's a boss that lies beyond the Elite Four itself, carrying some of the best Pokemon from Red & Blue. And technically, he's the person we play as in the previous games, which makes him fascinating.)
  • Lance, Pokémon Red & Blue (DRAGONS. Also, he's a cheater.)
  • Steven, Champion of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (He gives you a bunch of cool shit.)
  • Blue, Champion of Pokémon Red & Blue (The first time you have to face a fifth trainer is a twist (what do you mean someone already beat me to the Elite Four?!) and since he's basically Gary, the game plays up the whole rivalry thing).
  • Cynthia, Champion of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (She has a great, balanced team, she's powerful, and she's a great researcher).

A spot-on list if I ever saw one, though my number 1 would be a toss-up between Lance, Red, Blue and Siebold. You should definitely watch the video if you want a more detailed rationale behind all these picks too.

What about you, what are some of your favourite Elite Four members?

Top 10 Pokémon Elite Four + Champions [TheJWittz]


    I wanted to be Lance when I first got Pokemon Red (blue is for losers). He was so cool and dreamy to my 5 year old self. So, who else?

      Ummm, you realise Pokemon Red is for losers, right?

      Of course you do.


      Last edited 02/04/14 6:25 pm

        Oh pah-leeeease. The Japanese Green version is clearly the superior of the three colours.

          I feel bad, Yellow should get an honourable mention because having pikachu follow you around like a fucking boss with cute little emoticon-type-things blew my fucking mind when I played it a few years later.

            I'm not going to ruin this argument, so i'll just talk about kittens. For no reason whatsoever.

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