Sony And Microsoft Now Beating Apple In Customer Satisfaction

For the past two years Apple and Amazon have topped the charts when it comes to consumer satisfaction in their dealings with electronics and tech. Sony, Microsoft and Samsung didn't fare so well, particularly Sony and Microsoft who lingered in the 'okay' range. But what a difference a couple of years make.

This year, for the first time, Apple has been pushed out of its perennial second place spot in Forrester Research's survey and pushed down into fifth place as Sony, Microsoft and Samsung seem to have made up a tremendous amount of ground in terms of customer experience.

The story here isn't necessarily that Apple's brand is flailing, it's that Sony, Microsoft and Samsung are catching up. Apple's score this year was actually as high as it has ever been in the history of this survey, but the gains of the other big tech companies is significant.

As you can see in the image above, Sony's transformation in the eyes of consumers over the past two years has been dramatic. This year they placed in second place, with Samsung and Microsoft slipping in marginally behind.

Both Microsoft and Sony seem to have had dramatic turnarounds. I wonder if the release of new video game consoles had anything to do with it?

It’s Debate Time: Which Brand Makes Customers Happier? [WSJ]


    Well....Xbone owners HAVE to say nice things about Microsoft, the machine is right there listening to them.......they don't want to have to answer a bunch of sulky questions next time they want an intergrated entertainment experience.......

      Also they're getting paid.

        Really? MS drives me nuts on so many levels I don't know where to start...

        It wouldn't surprise me if MS is paying people for surveys after that whole youtuber thing.

    Well at least all those lines are heading in the right direction.

    I think it was E3 2013 when Sony said they had like a 96% satisfaction rate with PS+ subscribers. With that service I'm gladly one of those satisfied customers.

      I've never subscribed to PS+ and I'm satisfied with it.

        I took my free month after the whole PS hacking shutdown and used it to grab some DLC's and get in to a Beta, but never subscribed.

        I was surprised at the quality of the free games though and that was the big advantage that sold me on subscribing now that I have a PS4.

    I now officially own nothing apple. And gee life is good

      "Life is good" is LG's slogan... Wonder where they are in the list.

        hahaha i also own nothing LG. Not that means anything....

    I wonder what EAs customer satisfaction is...

      Based on the scale used by that graph, their line is somewhere down below this comments section.

    Apple understands the importance of Brand Protection so well but its gone to arrogance and non transparency of issues and resolution which causes angry customers such as myself...
    ...... bought retina macbook pro... spoken with apple on phone - explaining to them Machine was just too hot.. 102 degrees at times when playing Trine 2... [WASD] buttons too hot to touch... after reported problem to apple.. coincidently my machine turned off 200 meters from reaching the genius bar lol... then of course I was told I had files that created the problem.. so all they did they formatted my mac while EDUCATING ME "that This sir is no Laptop.. its a Notebook.. and U r not supposed to have it on your lap...." Apple genius said... L!O!L! (similar to poor iPhone 5 purple glaze pics where Apple responded that its the users error for holding it incorrectly!)
    - then they come up with OSX maverick makin cpu work 70% less - which apple initially said to me over the phone that CPU is probably the reason why its so hot plus its so thin with 16gb of ram.. but of course they won't say to you that they just made your machine less hot.. they just advertised mavericks about.. more battery life.

    then Microsoft.. when I purchased Battlefield BCo2 through XBLive there was nowhere advising you that download version will not include the EA access but only the boxed version will.. of course after some time they updated the online game description.. so I called them up and they were happy to place the points required... That was good service and realising their error.. instead Apple is stuck up too many times and that is now showing .. Finally

    Last edited 22/01/14 10:51 am

    It's kind of interesting that Apple is the only company on that chart that hasn't shown any significant growth in their customer satisfaction. I wonder if it's the stagnation of compelling features in the product, or if it's people just buying Apple products because "it's what you do" rather than because they believe it's the best choice. (NB. This is just speculation based on what I have seen and read on the web, not an attempt to troll Apple people)

      I tend to agree with your comment about their features being old. ONE of the reasons i didn't get another iphone was because i was very very bored with them.

      I think it is more that getting above an 85% rating is incredibly difficult, so getting from 70% to 80% takes a bit of work, but getting form 80% to 90% takes a gargantuan amount of work.

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