Sony’s Cloud-Based Video Service Will Stream Live TV Everywhere

Sony’s Cloud-Based Video Service Will Stream Live TV Everywhere

Not content to just stream its games all over the place, Sony also plans to expand its Sony Entertainment Network streaming video service to deliver live television and DVR functions across multiple devices later this year. Who needs an HDMI pass-through?

According to Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House, who took the stage during the Sony CES 2014 keynote this morning, the enhanced video streaming service will carry live and on-demand content seamlessly across multiple devices — stop watching on the PlayStation 4, start watching again on an iPad or iPhone. The service is platform agnostic — think of it as Sony’s Netflix — so it will run on a wide variety of connected devices. There’ll be social elements to the service, and it’s supposed to learn from your viewing preferences.

It’s all a bit vague, really. I’m imagining it as if Tivo and Netflix had a baby, only it only exists on the internet. The service is to be tested in the U.S. later this year, so we’ll know more as that unspecific time approaches.

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