Tell Us Dammit: Next Game Genre To 'Die'?

Once upon a time, adventure games were the thing. All my friends loved them, played them to death. Fast forward twenty years and sure, they're making a resurgence, but the consensus was, for at least a decade, they were totally dead! Could this happen with any of the games we play now?

Like, can you foresee a future without first person shooters? Or without the traditional action game? Or without RTS? Is there a genre that you think is completely unsustainable?

I don't know. It's hard to tell. These things tend to be cyclical and I think it is possible that people might become a little tired of first person shooters at some point. Maybe not in the next five years, but after that? I dunno.

It feels, to a certain extent, like video game genres have sort of settled. Studios and publishers are very risk averse and tend to only fund games that at least have a chance at making money. So maybe the idea of a genre 'dying' is a thing of the past?


    Zombies. L4D notwithstanding, its a genre that's saturating the market with some real shit. There are a few diamonds in the genre, but with so many bad, cheap, shitty zombie games out there, its in real need of a culling.

    The traditional MMO, at least with subscription.

    Genres may not completely die, but they do get so overbloated and full of gameplay features that they put off the average newcomer and eventually there's not enough money being put into development in the genre. Time passes. Eventually someone takes a risk on a 'dead' genre and releases a game that's so good it gets the genre going again.

    Adventure games 'died' due to having no realy gameplay outside of 'solve puzzles', and sometimes the puzzles were really ludicrous. Sometimes this was fine (Monkey Island was all about being funny and ludicrous, so silly puzzles were all part of the charm) and sometimes not.

    Fighting games 'died' for a lot of the 2000s due to the feature bloat I mentioned above. (Compare the process of selecting a team of characters in CVS2 to the process of selecting a character in Soul Calibur...) SF4 kicked off a bit of a revival but the feature bloat is quickly coming back in to the genre. Fine for old fighting game afficionados, not so much for newcomers. I wouldn't be surprised if fighting games 'die' again soon.

    My prediction for the next genre to 'die' is MMORPGs. Outside of the WoW juggernaut the market has been dwindling for a while, and the free-to-play phenomenon is making it harder and riskier to get the money for the continued support and development these games need. Heck, even WoW is losing customers. (Though very slowly.)

    Flight Sim's are dying
    not totally dead yet but War Thunder and World of Warplanes (I know not really flight sim) are atleast bringing them back to life slowly

      Yea man, Was going to post this. Got a good stick for PC that I have not used in years. Hawx was the last one i played, IL2 and stuff back in the day were great. What are these FTP ones like? Seen them around but haven't looked close enough yet to get a good gauge. I think that Microsoft Flight thing gave me a bad outlook on these FTP Flight Sims.

      Not dying as such, but they've always been a niche game for a niche audience. If they could just combine something like looks and gameplay of DCS with the almost unlimited modability of the Strike Fighters/Wings Over series where you can add your own terrains, aircraft, etc, you'd see a significant revival in Flight sims-- even a sim with scalable flight settings to be able to cater for the Ace Combat/Hawk arcade style all the way to the ultra-realism set which is kinda what War Thunder has been able to do, would result in a lot of attention from gamers. Unfortunately, there's a very rigid attitude with flight simmers and devs who seem to think that anything with scalable settings is somehow not a 'real' flight-sim or who still only seem to make flight-sims with your bog standard, bland civilian/warbird aircraft (yay, the P-51... yet again. Weeee. -_-) for the hardcore set. The thinking behind this needs to change because there's definitely a market for it, otherwise the Ace Combat series wouldn't exist (people aren't playing it for it's fucking AWFUL acting!) and GTA/Saint's Row wouldn't be adding aircraft into their games if people didn't enjoy it.

    Fighters, eg. One on one fighting games like tekken and street fighter etc. Not as popular as they were decades ago by a long shot.

    oh my god that damn spitting contest! i'd forgotten about that - took soooooo long to figure that one out

    Peripheral-based rhythm games? At least for home consoles. They're kinda dead now.

      Except for a few exceptions, like Just Dance (sort of rythm) and singstar (not big, only see it on the PS3 start-up), I'd say you're right. I don't know why, a yearly compilation that works with the guitars and drums and has all the popular songs from the year plus a few classics would work well, I think.

        Yeah, those ones seem to be exceptions since they use non-specific hardware (eg Wii remote, Kinect, etc) but the dedicated ones are all but gone now.

        Though what you said there, that's essentially what they were wasn't it? I don't know how Rock band went, but GH was a yearly thing with its primary releases.

          Yeah, but Guitar Hero was more Rock classics than new releases. Rock Band was more the new popular songs, so I don't know why they weren't around longer (more content).

    Ooh, what about light gun shooters. Maybe they'll die :P

    Though I wish they wouldn't. There were way too few of them on the Wii, and I'd love to get more on the Wii U but I don't see it happening.

    I'd say 3D platformers, but they died years ago. It's devolved into action/adventure these days.

    Sports games are already mostly dead. EA just keep re-releasing the previous year's release with minor tweaks.

    I'm tempted to say RPGs, since they're being absorbed into every other genre, but there are still a handful of "pure" RPGs around.,

      Dude, EA's been doing that since 1989. Bulls vs Lakers, Bulls vs Blazers, Team USA Basketball, NBA Showdown 94, NBA Live 95,96,97,98,99... Ad nauseam

      ...what makes you think they'll stop after a quarter of a century? :p

        EA aren't making new sports games, they're just kicking the corpse.

          Oh you bastard, Greg... I've been looking at this and thinking "This was only a few days ago, how the hell do I have no fucking memory of writing this!" I've been racking my brain trying to figure exactly how I forgot that I wrote this only just a few days ago, only to discover a few minutes ago, it was 2014. A YEAR AGO!

          As I said at the start, you bastard Greg, for putting me through that self-induced mind-fuck! lol! :p

            Yes, I get the same thing. Even cleared my history at one point, but it only wiped the last year, and keeps bringing up year+ old posts as new...

    Anyone who says that turn-based RPGs are dead simply doesn't own a handheld. They are alive, and doing quite well. The big release ones are still getting incredible fanfare, and are extremely well received and reviewed. Even Square, who (as has been pointed out) has fallen behind with Final Fantasy, has received nothing but praise for Bravely Default.

    Companies, especially the major players in the industry, aren't making turn-based games for the same reason they are making an extreme overabundance of FPS titles. They're a safe bet, and easy to pitch to investors, while turn-based games are a much harder sell to people in suits looking at what the major demographics are clamoring for. But turn-based games are by no means dead.

    Definitely text-based adventure games, seems to be quite a lack of them lately.

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