Tell Us Dammit: Weird Video Games You Miss?

Genres go in and out of fashion. When I was a kid, 2D platformers were everything. Then they were nothing. Then it was all about 3D fighters. Then it was first person shooters.

Now it feels like there's a niche for everything, but there are still genres that are underrepresented or, worse, aren't represented at all.

Like the 'Olympic' games — Daley Thompson's Decathalon. The type that totally destroyed your joystick from real button bashing. Or text adventures. Or side-scrolling blast 'em ups. Man, whatever happened to those?

It got me wondering. What genres do you guys and girls miss? What would you like to see make a comeback?


    Top down racers - but really all I want is a game like Mashed

      Currently on sale on Steam for US$1.24:

      Toybox Turbos is also on Steam.
      It's Micro Machines in all but name.

        seconded with Toybox Turbos

        also BlazeRush if you're after something like a Rock'n'Roll Racing / MicroMachines mashup

          I just went hunting on Steam because I'm a huge fan of top-down racers - and I really, really hated Toybox Turbos (the sense of speed in it is just awful).

          Bang Bang Racing was good fun - used to play that with my house mate - and while it's not top-down, Skydrift scratches a similar itch. (Good if you liked Slipstream 5000 back in the day too.)

          I just want to sit around the TV now and grind out time trials on racers. Arghhh hurry up day finish already

    Weird shit like Necromancer on the Atari 800,
    I want another tree based game!

    Also Yoomp!, The Eidelon, Encounter, and Star Raiders. Surely Nintendo could remake Rainbow Walker? (

    And Captain Blood on the Atari ST, why don't we see messed up stuff like that any more?

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    Weird platformers. For a while there every licenced game was a platformer no matter the fit. I mean, Asterix and Obelix? Jumping on platforms?

      Remember the Atari 2600 A-Team game??

    This bizarre little puzzle game I had on gameboy that my Japanese family friends gave me. Turns out it's called Daedalian Opus. It's a puzzle game. Was fun :)

    Any teeth-grittingly difficult, dollar-munching arcade game. Actually, I miss the 90s arcade experience on the whole.

    I just want a new property 3D platformer for Mario ala 64, Sunshine or Galaxy. Enough with the identical 2D releases already.

    Not enough great or even good 3D platformer full stop these days. Hopefully Yooka Laylee delivers.

      Also things like the original Descent games, Radix and Forsaken. Space sim shooter things inside tunnel networks and enemy bases and stuff.

      What were these actually called?

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        A sub-genre of Fps apparently. 6-DOF shooters maybe?

        You, sir, are not alone.

        Loved descent, that game was awesome!

        someone else knew of Radix? :D

        I was also a fan of Terminal Velocity and Incoming for stylistically similar sci-fi flight games but in outdoor settings

        did you ever check out the old Psygnosis game Lander? - like the aforementioned but with lunar lander controls so gravity became an issue maneuvering through enclosed spaces (like a 3D version of those Thrust type games)

      I played Descent I and II quite a bit as a kid. Very happy both it and BK are getting a reboot

      Still holding out for a Jak and Daxter reboot! Drop all the guns, make it about exploring and precision platforming in self-contained levels, and take my money. The Precursor Legacy Part 2.
      Hopefully Naughty Dog read Kotaku AU.

    I miss a few things; combat racers like Rock 'n' Roll racing, top down racing games like Slicks 'n' Slides, and games like Out of this World, Heart of Darkness and Abe's Oddysee. Bullet hells are pretty niche these days too with only a few indie developers putting out titles now and then. I'd like to also see more puzzle adventure games like Shadow of Memories.

    One thing we really need more of though are rogue-likes. Whatever happened to those? You just never see them any more. ^_-

      Oh man, Rock and Roll Racing. I wasted so much time as a kid at my friends place playing that game. "Tarquinn WINS THE RACE!"

      re: Rock'n'Roll racing; check out my usual recommendation of BlazeRush :p
      (also try Bang Bang Racing if you haven't - I quite enjoyed that one too)

      there seem to be a decent number of bullet-hells cropping up on steam now some of the Japanese indies are more on board if you rummage around a bit - I find there's more a shortage of story-based shmups that don't require bullet-hell skillsets (like Tyrian and Raptor)

      you can never have enough good Roguelikes, but a lot of them have moved to mobile platforms because they are pretty good for bouts of portable gaming - Pixel Dungeon is a current popular one, and Rogue Hero for Android is a lot of fun. Ananias is one you can get on Android, however it also has a PC version and I think it's going through GreenLight for a pending Steam release.

    It's a small niche but one I loved, Trauma Center. Specifically the Nintendo DS ones that used the touch screen, the Wiimote driven ones I can do without.

    I hoped that they'd make a come back with the Wii U but they did not.

      You would think the Wii U would have one by now. I mean they're not exactly expensive games to make are they? Graphic novels with fairly basic puzzle sequences. Tons of re-used assets. I'm not saying they're crap because of that it's just a nice, easy formula. Hasn't the genre been really popular on Steam lately as well?

        There's stuff like Surgeon Simulator but it's not the same. The trick is the puzzles. There's a pretty specific way that they're put together and I can't think of any other game that does that. Precise touch screen controls are a big factor.

        Hell, the surgery aspect is almost completely irrelevant to it.

    6 degrees of freedom Fps games like Hellbender and Descent. So great back in the day.

    Also hover car racers like Wipeout. Love the hell out of those but no one makes em anymore.

      I agree with this. I really loved Wipeout HD on my ps3 to hold over my EP1: Racer addiction.

      Now I'm on ps4 and I've got nothing :-(

      for an upcoming game like wieput, check out Fast Racing Neo for the WiiU

    Good management sim style games. I know they still exist in some form. They just don't seem to hold a candle to the things Bullfrog used to give us like Theme Hospital.
    RTS that isn't Starcraft. Give me Warcraft 4 already. Or a C&C that doesn't suck.

    Rock n Roll Racing
    Mutant League Football

    2 all time favorites

    I used to dig those FMV on-rails light gun games at Timezone lol. Does anyone remember Mad Dog Mcree?

      Deleted - I'm stupid.

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    We're way overdue for a new Ikari Warriors.
    I'd also take a new Smash TV/Total Carnage.

    Decent new games of the multiplayer or even MMO variety that let you have 6 in a party or squad or platoon etc. 4 or 5 seems max group size in many games these days.

    No Breaks Valet
    on the Ouya - mates at work and i would cry laugh playing this game.

    Classic Survival Horror.

    Most of the others made comebacks

      This. Games like Dino Crisis and the old style Resident Evil games, alone in the dark, Hugo's house of horrors :D

        Fixed cameras, tank controls & puzzles please

    i miss the side scrolling fun that was Charles Bronson Death wish games for Amstrad & Commodore...those green screen memories ahhhh

    New IPs with money behind them.
    Honestly couldn't give a shit what genre it comes under, the next batman, the next AC, the next CoD, the next this and that. Would love to see "A brand new IP from the creators of

    As to an actual genre, top down flight shooters.

    Bring some more mech games back!
    Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is a blast!

      Have you played Mechwarrior online?
      I found it surprisingly fun.... When it runs smoothly on my Laptop.
      Also Hawken was pretty great, but not quite the same

        It's great, but I'd like a modern Mechwarrior that had good singleplayer as well.

    Ski or Die - Electronic Arts on the PC
    Remember having it on a floppy disk - Multiplayer - multiple things to do - great fun!

    The Incredible Crash Dummies - Sega Master System
    Amazing fun - two player - challenging

    Mickey Mouse Land of Illusion
    Good Fun !!

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