While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. A new week! Let's face it with the enthusiasm and verve it deserves. After injecting ourselves with caffeine, right in that big fat vein in our left arm. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Hey, this is a big deal. Remember Broken Age? Well, it's the game that really 'kickstarted' the whole Kickstarter thing and made it mainstream. Apparently the game is coming this week. I think that is really cool. I can't wait to see it.

Anyone here playing Rust? Its name gets bandied about constantly but I know very little about it. It's constantly being compared to Minecraft and DayZ. Here's everything you need to know about the game in precisely 10 seconds!

50 Cent isn't a massive fan of Minecraft — that's hilarious. I love that he's even talking about it. You should watch these two players complete Goldeneye in world record time, and this Metroid Fan art is completely glorious. But Metroid fan art always is.

In Short Watch Two Players Team Up To Run Goldeneye In World Record Time An Injured Samus Aran Everything You Need To Know About Rust In 10 Seconds Broken Age Coming This Week 50 Cent Just Catching Up On Minecraft, Thinks It's Unfinished


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