And Here's A Brand New Game Of Thrones Trailer...

As is a tradition on Kotaku, we always post new trailers for Game of Thrones and get giddy and excited together! Hurray!

The title of this trailer?




    How come when I tried to play the video it was blocked behind a paywall asking me for 10 bucks to view it?

      It's starting to sound increasingly like you've got a virus or something that's hijacking your DNS lookup.

      I must be the only one who thought Foxtel hahaha

        I'm surprised other people didn't considering it's also been a topic of discussion on Kotaku.

      Must be a 'paid' illegal download? :-P

      Sorry in advance, I just couldn't resist.

    Micro-Soft security essentials is your friend...sounds like ransom ware.

    As is a tradition on Kotaku, we always post new trailers for Game of Thrones and get giddy and excited together! Hurray!

    Hey! Stop that!

    I'm only on the second book and you're giving away the ending for me, :-P

    Well then...
    Drogon got big...

      That can't be right.

      They aren't big enough to ride until the fifth book.

        TV/Book discontinuity? UNHEARD OF!
        haha, but perhaps they are yet to be that large. The trailer simply displayed that they are indeed growing at a noticeable rate.

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          Considering that the chick that plays Arya will probably be 20 by the time the next book comes out I guess it only makes sense that they cut out a lot.

    I need to take a massive shit because I had too much coffee but I will delay it for 1 min and 40 seconds to watch this.

    So hyped. I'd put money on this being the best season yet.

    Ha! I've read all the books!
    Won't spoil it though.

      Thanks. The books to me are serving two purposes:

      1. I'm getting a good complex story

      2. I get my daily weight exercises as I got the hard cover edtions.

    Only seen the first 3 episodes of season 3, still need to catch up (cannot be bothered watching 1 and 2, watching The Walking Dead from the beginning at the moment)

      You really need to watch from the start for it to make sense. really.

      You really are missing out. Do yourself a favour.

    So a thing just happened, here seems an appropriate place to bring it up. Foxtel put out a sponsored tweet for this trailer a few hours ago. I replied to it telling them I looked forward to buying the season on Blu-ray for the price of 1 month of Foxtel... now my tweet is gone.

      They can delete others' tweets now?

      If you start tweets with certain words Twitter can interpret them as commands and deletes them. Also it's a known bug that tweets can vanish ( Twitter ask that you send a ticket so they can look in to it.

      Last edited 18/02/14 8:50 am

    Stupid reply system.

    Last edited 18/02/14 12:08 am

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