And Then He Pulled Out His Dolphin Cannon. Shooters Just Got Weird.

And then he pulled out his dolphin cannon. Shooters just got weird. I can't think of a more appropriate tagline for Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The game is out later this month for Xbox One, 360 and PC. I'm sow excited.


    This game is growing on me
    I hope they seed some more trailers...
    ok im done

      Seems to have BF4 roots. Ok, I should leave these puns alone to you.

        i can see it really blossoming into something special!

        the lighting effects are really in full bloom
        ok seriously i need to stop

          NO NO don't stop! You're such a young sapling and you need to be nurtured into maturity. Yeah we hit the wall here.....

            yeh i think you're right, we've gone beyond being fruitful

    I could have sworn they announced this on PS4 as well...might be totally mistaken.

      Taken from the website:

      "Coming exclusively first to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 25, 2014"

      So, yes it will be planted on PS4 later.

        Or not..

        shows only M$ products.

    I don't think any future weapon will ever live up to the glorious Dubstep Gun!

    Excited for this, there isn't a Pop Cap game I've played that I didn't like.

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