Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Coming To PC June 24

Briefly: The PC version of Popcap’s online multiplayer shooter will feature all of the free updates already released for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. There’s a deluxe edition up for preorder on Origin containing extra in-game coins and bonus sticker packs.


  • Ah dammit, purchased it on 360 about two weeks ago before I went on holiday. It’s 3rd person TF2 pretty much.

  • just in time for micro transactions to be added? yay? :\

    i had this pre-ordered on xbox one… cancelled it due to the massively mixed responses… but now that they’re adding micro transactions i’m definitely not going to bother… such a shame… another game ruined by EA

    • Not at all. Easily one of my favourite released in the last few years and it launched at $40. The “micro-transactions” are just like Mass Effect 3’s MP. All it does is give you access to packs (or in this case trading cards that act as unlocks for characters and cosmetics) that are accessible through normal gameplay.

      So EVERYTHING in the game can be got normally and if you think someone has blown a shit ton of money on the game and has unlocked everything before you and it makes it unfair? There are game modes that do not allow any unlocks and forces you to play the game vanilla with everyone on the same footing.

      Also add in to the fact that just like ME3 MP, the game is getting constant FREE dlc that is being paid for by the “evil” micro transactions and the game keeps drawing me back in.

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