Crimes & Punishments Really, Really Wants To Be A Sherlock Game

The latest instalment of the video game adventures of everyone's favourite public domain detective was announced for the PlayStation 4 today, along with a new trailer desperately evoking the BBC's modern day buddy detective hit.

Maybe it's just me, longing for more Benedict Cumberbatch after the all-too brief third season of the series came and went, but those visual cues, the music and Holmes' erratic behaviour all add up to one thing — the game is afoot.

Or it will be later this year, when Focus Home Interactive's Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.


    Maybe the reason its trying to be a sherlock holmes game is because it literally is...a sherlock holmes game?

      There's being based on a public domain character and then there's clearly basing visual and audio cues on incredibly successful and recent depictions of the character. Not that's a bad thing! Because this might be closest we get to a Cumberbatch sherlock video game. (Though one can dream....)

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