Blizzard Shows Off Clans And Communities Coming To Diablo III

Gearing up for the release of Reaper of Souls, Blizzard is showing off the new Clans and Communities features coming to Diablo III in patch 2.0.1. Clans are guild-like invite-only affairs, while communities are more casual groups sorted by interests, geographic location and the like.

You can find out all bout both on the Diablo III page.


    ... I'm not a D3 player.. But does this not seem like something it should have had since day 1? lolz

      lol exactly....
      actually nobody is interested in news about d3 since more than a year
      no matter at which homepage, there are always less than 5 comments , or even zero
      this game was an insult to gaming
      d3 made blizzard loose their nimbus of invincibilty

      Not really - D3 is an action-RPG that is largely single player and small-groups. Instanced worlds, no persistence, no real PvP beyond a token brawling arena. It's not an MMO. No other action-RPG has MMO-esque clans that I can think of.

      So having a simple friends list and chat interface (which D3 has had since day 1) is enough for the purposes of co-ordinating a multiplayer game and keeping track of what your friends are doing.

      The addition of clans to D3 doesn't really change much - it's just a slightly more sophisticated way of managing your contacts and communications, within a group of friends or players that share similar interests.

      It should of had a hell of a lot from day one. They messed this game bad. And to top it off because its always online it had server issues for days haha

      TBH I didnt even realise D3 needed clans/communities

    I played the crap out of D2 for years and was a release day player of D3. Man, D3 sucked. I played it until I defeated Fem-Diablo, which was around level 30, and haven't touched it since. I started playing the Hearthstone Beta through the new Battle.NET client and the D3 install tab advised me it was preloading an expansion! Paused that, then uninstalled the D3 client I didn't realise was taking up space.

    People still play Diablo 3?...

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