Here Are Australia's Top 10 Selling Games Of 2013

2013 was a big year for games. New consoles, big blockbuster releases, some incredible experiences, a few surprises. But what were the top selling games in Australia?

Thanks to NPD, we managed to get a hold of the top 10 games in Australia last year in terms of raw sales. A few surprises? Yes, but for the most part it seems like the big games sold as much as you might expect.

And the top 10 is...

1. Grand Theft Auto V 2. Call of Duty: Ghosts 3. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 4. Battlefield 4 5. FIFA 14 6. Call of Duty: Black Ops II 7. The Last Of Us 8. Skylanders SWAP Force 9. Battlefield 3 10. Tomb Raider

The surprises for me? Probably the fact that Battlefield 3 and Black Ops II managed to make the list despite being released outside of 2013. Battlefield 3 in particular.

The Last Of Us is also a bit surprising to me, mainly because it's a PlayStation 3 exclusive. All other games on the list were released on multiple different platforms. Also interesting to see Tomb Raider on the list, considering how disappointed Square-Enix were with the sales figures!

Source: The NPD Group Australia. Category PC Games, Console Software, Portable Game Software. Time period: Dec 31 2012 – Dec 29 2013. Country: Australia


    Might be a good idea to mention that the NPD Group also announced that half of all PC sales came from Steam, a point of sale that they do not track.

      And here I was about to suggest Black Flag only made the list cos of steam...

      Last edited 13/02/14 6:35 pm

        Valve are a private company and have chosen to never give out sales numbers.

        They also have strict NDAs with all devs and pubs, so most people never release numbers.

        Would be very interesting to see total units sold vs. profit to see how much of the Steam money comes from sales and how much comes from full price games.

    I've never understood the Tomb Raider thing. A little research shows it to be in the Top 10 sales of 2013 nearly for the entire world yet they consider it a failure. Just what exactly were they expecting as a minimum?

      More than all of the call of duty's ever sold just to be considered barely adequate!!!!

      probs expecting GTA V style sales. I'd say the hype around Tomb Raider is nothing like it was, but the new one has done a bang up job and they can't be too cheesed off considering it's Square-Enix's biggest seller. Maybe they should do a better job of looking after their budget rather than concentrating on sales

      They had some insane expectation like 8 million copies. Also I think it's a bit misreported - some of their games before it had badly underperformed (eg Hitman) and so Tomb Raider needed unrealistically high sales to offset that for them for the financial year.

      I'm surprised to see it in the top 10 considering how they harp on about it not doing well.

      Great game though. In terms of enjoyability I'd place it in my top 3 at least.

      (Top 3 for 2013 I mean, not of all time)

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    I'm surprised that Pokémon isn't on the list.

      Probably would be if they counted both games as one. Would have at least been in the top 20.

      The X and Y were split on the list. They are #15 and #16. I can't find any actual sales totals though, so I don't know where it would have ended up if the two were combined.

    BF3 is a bit surprising given that it was in that humble ea bundle. Unless maybe that's where it comes from, if its raw sales I could imagine it being a lot of activations thanks to that bundle

      And used as a sweetener for disgruntled Simcity customers.

        Really? I don't remember seeing that but if PC activations counted as a buy then yeah those 2 things combined would make it damned plausible for BF3 to be on the list

    My tastes saw me play through GTA V and The Last of Us. I'm just about to have a tinker with Black Flag on the PS4 now. However, I'm feeling a little burnt out with Open World adventuring after just getting my 100% in GTA. SO.....maybe I'll just sh*t my pants with something like Outlast or Metro: Last Light.

      This is pretty much me... Outlast = Scariest media ever

      Confirmed that Outlast will make you poop your pants.

      Nearly crapped myself playing Outlast the other night and I only got about 3 mins into the game and nothing had actually happened. I may not have the constitution for these games any more...

        I played it the other day, I let out an audible squeal. I haven't slept since.

    No Dark Souls?

      Release was 2011 for consoles and 2012 for PC.

        and the excuse is?...

          ....most of the sales would have been around those years, not 2013.

          Edit: OOOOOOOOOOOh ,good call

          Last edited 13/02/14 2:53 pm

            I bought Dark Souls in 2013; digitally on my 360. The bulk of sales for that game would now be digital

    I've played 4 of them. BF3, BF4 Black Flag and Tomb Raider. About 550hrs all up.

    Last edited 13/02/14 2:29 pm

    What a horrible horrible list for the future of my personal gaming leanings. The only game there I feel approaches 'great' is the Last of Us, and even then I wasn't a huge fan. Obviously personal opinion, and in fairness I can't think of what should be there for the life of me, I think i mostly replayed stuff last year?
    Maybe.... nope, everything I can think of is niche as hell, can't really expect things like Brothers /Shadowrun/ Disgaea to be on there... oh maybe Super Mario 3D World? I guess that'd be nice? I think the saddest thing is Skylanders would likely rank in my top 4 of that list 0_o

    Wow... Looking at that list makes me realise I am now 100% out-of-sync with current gaming tastes...

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