Hey Deep Down, Could You Be Any More Like Dark Souls?

Hey Deep Down, Could You Be Any More Like Dark Souls?

I think a couple of thoughts went through our heads when we first laid eyes on Capcom’s upcoming free-to-play title Deep Down. First: whoa, this looks and feels a lot like Dark Souls. Second: well, Dark Souls is awesome so I’m okay with this.

But the more I watch the more I’m just sort of thinking, how far can Capcom push this?

Like the mimics — the treasure chests that pretend to be treasure chest but are actually surprise bad dudes. Like, I totally get that is a Medieval fantasy/Dungeons & Dragons trope, but the design. Everything. It just feels almost identical.

At this stage, I’m still sort of cool with that. That’s how much I love Dark Souls. I guess, we’ll have to see more of the game to completely judge. There’s the MMO thing, the free-to-play thing and the time travelling thing. That’s a lot of ‘things’ over and above the fact it looks a lot like Dark Souls.


  • I have zero interest in free to play / fleece you of money over a long period of time style of games. Zero.

    To the point where once I heard this game was free to play, I no longer click on demo videos.

  • Apparently Capcom saw what EA was doing and went, “Yeah! That’s how you make money in todays gaming industry!”.

    • Well… I’m pretty sure the original demon/dark souls developer saw Capcom’s monster hunter (probably the highest selling game in japan) and said the same thing back in the day. The combat system in both was is a shallow version of MH, some of the bosses even have pretty similar attack patterns. Dark souls (as opposed to demon souls) however, did a much better job with the world – I don’t know why capcom can’t make a MH where everything isnt split into tiny areas with load screens, I guess Japan doesnt want innovation.

  • Ha treasure chests that are really monsters have been in videogames since wayyy back. Secret of mana “mimic box” for example.

    But yeah it’s looking like a ps4 dark souls… Actually a Secret of Mana style darksouls would be amazing

  • I find that odd, the only sentiment I have expressed or even read about deep down is wow that looks graphically good but at the same time horribly horribly abysmal.

    From its serious lighting issues, FTP, its terrible slow and imprecise combat, to the monotonous designs all the way through to it’s shallow procedural gen dungeons and uninteresting loot .

    Granted I’ve never been a dark souls man but that doesn’t sound like it to me. IT would be great for this game to prove me wrong, but everything i’ve seen and read indicates this thing will be a giant steaming pile of horse manure to actually play. Like FF13, pretty to look at but you wish it never opened it’s mouth and ruined everything.

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