How To Battle Other Players In The Elder Scrolls Online

My painfully slow levelling pace kept me from participating in this week's player-versus-player frolics in The Elder Scrolls Online beta, but fear not! Rev3's Tara Long made it, and she gives a full accounting direct from the battlefields of Cyrodiil.

From what I am seeing here, it reminds me a bit of the PVP zone from my Dark Age of Camelot days, but my recollection is a bit hazy, as I played a Minstrel and my only job was to run large groups in circles and then hide. Looking at Tara's vid, I see plenty of places to hide, so I should be fine.


    I was able to play in the last weekend beta, but only had enough time to get to level 8 and miss out on the PvP. PvE was fun though.

    My only gripe (asides from only getting on the weekend beta) is the grouping system, needs a bit of work.

    She has a problem with the level 50 NPC's? She clearly has not raided cities in an mmo before.

      I think the point was rather she is only scaled up to lvl50, and there is a disadvantage in that regard... Also, it's in beta - so scaling issues. Unfair comparison to raiding a city in an mmo that's live.

        I think it is a fair comparison to make. Let us be honest here, this game isn't breaking new ground, if it were a new sort of combat system (like wildstar) I would say it is fair enough that the scale doesn't do enough, but the reality is that it is not. It is just like most MMO events or PVP arena', direct scaling = even slightly lower level gear being useless.

        I just feel like this review was made by somebody who probably plays more single player or non persistent multi player games than an MMO where grinding, min/maxing and planning are always going to be "best intentions" and "can do" attitude.

      What does that even mean where 'level 50' can mean anything?

        My guess is that it would be a level cap of some kind (scaling pvp cap, instance cap or early pvp/e level cap). It is only common that a game would force you to the max level to take part in these kinds of fights so that people who play the game at their own pace can at least experience what it has to offer.

    How's that multiplayer mod for Skyrim going?

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