If Only The Walking Dead Was As Good As Conan O'Brien's Parody

In honour of last night's appearance by the cast of The Walking Dead, Conan O'Brien and his team put together this amazing zombie show opener that's more entertaining than an entire episode of AMC's drama.

Mind you, this is coming from a huge fan of the comic book, so a certain amount of show spite is to be expected. Call me back when they stop pulling punches.


    Jay Leno > Coco.

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      I see what you did there.


    Oh wow, another "omgz the books/comics are like so much better!" douchebag. Of course you think the books and comics are better when it's 90% imagination. They are different entities and are both great for many different reasons.

    Oh as for the video? Conan is not funny. Ever. I didn't even crack a smile whilst watching it. Predictable tripe.

      Conan is not funny.

      So everybody laughing at him is wrong? Or faking it?

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      So you're saying The Simpsons isn't funny? He wrote some great episodes for that.

        Those laughing are clearly fans of his so of course they think he is funny... I just don't find him particularly entertaining.

        And yes I love most of the simpsons episodes... I didn't know he was involved with the show but that doesn't really change the fact that I don't find the particular style of humor he uses in his show funny.

    Why put the play button in the header pic?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      Not the first time they've done this either. One time they did it, the article didn't even have a fucking video in it. Dick move.

        Well, can't say I'm surprised about that, seeing as how crappy Kotaku has become. /whinge

      Every time they have a CoCo video they have a picture from youtube with the play button, yet the embedded video will be from TeamCoCo...

    Except Season 4 has been spectacularly good so far. Article fail.

    What is everyone's gripe with the Walking Dead T.V show? I've heard a lot of people say it's crap, but never a logical explanation as to why.

    I've always thought that the comic and the show are brilliant.

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      My only issues were with an annoying character, Andrea. It's not that she was majorly different to the comic, it's that she was illogical in every single action she did. Her reasoning was all over the place and she seemed to flitter between stupid and moronic every week. Season 3 started strong, dipped into average and then Scott Gimple came along and with his Morgan episode then Merle episode picked it back up to being great.

      Season 2 was a victim of budget cuts, hence being in the same place all the time, when thats kept in mind, it's not so bad.

        My interpretation of Andreas character in tje show was she was supposed to be confusing and irrational between episodes. She had a chip on her shoulder which meant she was constantly hypocritical.
        I though season 2 was the best. Less zombies more dramatic tension!

        Constant changes is tone and character due to replacing the showrunners all the time and ANDREA. Quite possibly the worst character in modern drama is actually one of the best in the comics. Also, Lori did kind of seem like an unlikable, awful mother throughout the show when she didn't actually act that differently in the comics where I never had those thoughts. I think I'd have to put it down to inconsistent acting but I'm still not sure about that one. For most, I'd say it isn't just mere difference from the source - which many people try to pass off complaints as - it's simply NOT AS GOOD. I wasn't disappointed in the Governor despite being entirely different, I actually loved the new interpretation. However, I hated the way TV needs to justify things and have heroes who die in dramatic moments as opposed to important, thought-provoking ones.

        I'd consider most of these gripes "logical" and I've heard them absolutely everywhere. If somehow inconsistent writing and character development aren't logical enough then - yeah, it's the best show ever made.

          Yeah I agree absolutely, but when you also watch the Scott Gimple (new showrunner) episodes from season 3 (Morgan and Merle episodes) then the first 8 of season 4, the show has dramatically picked up tenfold. (Except Tyrese. Would someone kill him already PLEASE?)

          It'll never be the comic that's for sure, and the reason I look forward to the new spinoff is it will have zero attachment to the comic and no luggage weighing it down meaning all the characters are a fresh start (I hope).

    I'm a far bigger comics fan than I am of the TV series. Difference is that I'm mature, so one doesn't affect the other.

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