Microsoft Confirms Titanfall-Xbox One Bundle

Microsoft Confirms Titanfall-Xbox One Bundle

Microsoft confirmed this morning that a Titanfall/Xbox One bundle will be offered. It arrives the day the game launches for that console and PC. It's $US499 and will include a digital copy of the game and one month of Xbox Live Gold.

Realise this is not a Titanfall console — the Xbox One itself is the same as every other one being sold. And the copy of Titanfall is a code for a digital download. The Kinect sensor, wireless controller and chat headset standard with all current Xbox Ones also are included.

Rumours going back to the end of January suggested Titanfall would get a bundle, but plans for a Titanfall-themed console were apparently scrapped.

For more coverage on the game, which just wrapped up its beta period on Xbox One and PC, see our impressions.


    Wow. How disappointment.

    If it was to be a themed console (including the already available themed controller) I definitely would've snapped one up. As is it's just meh.

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      It should at least include the themed controller

    You get a nice picture on the box to look at while you download the game. LOL

      I don't think I'd want to look at the box for a whole day.

    This would make me get a new Xbone. The only problem would be that I need to get better internet, 3G Mobile boradband just. won't. cut it

    Seriously - they've made a Titanfall themed controller, but didn't think it would be worth putting in the Titanfall console bundle?
    It's just a normal console plus a slip of paper to download something. I guess it completely avoids manufacturing / packing / shipping costs. How lazy.

    Haha, wow, digital download. Nice one MS, we can see your shadiness from here.

      Why is it shady for them to bundle a download code? Nintendo and Sony do this quite often for their bundles, and at least Microsoft's internet services actually work properly. Plus it's a multiplayer-only game, so you're going to be on the internet with your Xbox One to play it regardless.

        Indeed, fair points. And I agree. But, with the previous shitstorm that had MS trying to use digital-only games and tied to an account, one would think that a major bundle like this would include the physical copy. Simply so there are no misunderstandings, and people have nothing to bitch about.

          Presumably they're smart enough to bundle the system with a code for the region the system is being sold in.

          Also not 100% convinced about the region locking kerfuffle. It's *always* been the case, even on 360, that DLC for a game will only be redeemable if your account matches the game's. I suspect it's mountains being made out of molehills.

      In the USA, digital download isnt a big deal considering their download speeds.

    Really.. Not even one of them nice Titanfall controllers? Wow that's really shitty.

    I am curious and don't know much about xbox one, can you play games on the xbone with other ppl without a paid subscription to xbox live? I only have a pc and i use to have a ps3 (which died) but i remember i could play street fighter online with out paying sony.

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