Morrowind, You're Looking Awfully Fresh

Good times alert: this is another new clip for Skywind, the fan project aiming to recreate the third Elder Scrolls game using the engine from the fifth.


    This would look even better with some foliage, non-the-less this is really good :)

      Vvardenfell isn't exactly known for it's foliage... unless your madly into swamps :P

      there was no foliage in that area in morrowind

        Ah right, I havnt played Morrowind for years now :/

    While Morrowind's draw distance was too short due to tech limitations of the time I still feel these mods with the long draw distances just don't look right. It makes the world seem smaller and takes away some of the mystique.

      maybe they will add the fog, or at the end of the day someone will mod it in.
      Still I did not notice till you pointed it out...

      The problem with the mod I tried ages back was that it only made the ground draw far. I couldn't seem to get world objects like buildings and stuff to draw further than a quite small circle and it annoyed me too much.

    Are they include all the bugs and crashes for that authentic Morrowwind experience?
    Bethesda get better and better each game, to the point where Skyrim is pretty much glitch free but their older games were sometimes pretty ropey.

    10/10 would bang.. Er.. Buy.. I mean buy..

    Seriously, Morrowind was genuinely the best thus far in terms of universe immersion. Oblivion was like a transition between it and skyrim that I think most people try to forget, and Skyrim was the fully arcade-ized version.

    Screw market share. Games like this should be just doing what they do, and letting the dice fall where they may.

    I don't know, to me it's just not Morrowind until it's infested with cliff racers...

    the fact that half the books in Skyrim are copies of Morrowind books speaks volumes for the lore that was invested. In Morrowind you could TRULY roleplay the character you wanted, and the main storyline was so subtly introduced I can see why so many people never really "got it". Having said that I still think Skyrim is awesome.

    Thing I like still about Morrowind over the ones that came after was how unique it was. All the enemy designs were far removed from generic fantasy. The world detail had its own flair with giant mushroom trees and desolate ashlands, each section of morrowind felt different from the rest. Oblivion and Skyrim feel like generic fantasy experiences, it doesnt make them bad, just doesnt feel as inventive. Nix hounds vs wolves for instance as common enemy types. And as much as I hate cliff racers, they too were there own thing.

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