Ocarina Of Time’s Cast, Together At Last

Ocarina Of Time’s Cast, Together At Last

Confession: Maybe my favourite part of Wind Waker has nothing to do with Link’s quest to stab Ganon. It’s all about the action figures.

There’s an island in the game, accessible only by air, and inside that island is a toy workshop. The man inside will make you a small figure of any character in the game, so long as you can take a photo of them.

It’s a surprisingly addictive little hobby, and an infuriatingly difficult one if you want to complete the set.

What if the same distraction was in Ocarina? It’d be even more maddening. Oh, unless someone went and did it for you. Like Peardian’s gallery here. Completed in 2012, it uses actual in-game models for the figures.

While it appears to be just a single enormous image, each figure is actually a separate image, so you can shuffle them around (or save them individually).

If you’ve heard that name before, it’s because it’s the same guy who did those awesome Ocarina of Time level maps we featured a few weeks back.

Nintendo Gallery: Ocarina Of Time [Peardina — Thanks Jonathan!]


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