Rockstar Keeps Adding Content To Grand Theft Auto Online

Today, fittingly, they've added a slew of Valentine's Day content with a criminal twist. Players are getting a chance to grab new guns, cars, clothes... a lot of it themed to fit the 1929's notorious Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

Details about the update are on Rockstar's site. Are you playing GTA Online? Having a good time with it?


    Tagging PC is such a tease, Kotaku!

      Not so much as tease as it is a cheap hits grab.

        I don't think they bother to check, I would say it relates to a significant portion of visitors who are visiting the page aren't even looking at the category.

        TBH because of the small number of articles per day on here (not saying its a bad thing), there is no need search by category, you can read everything in a good sitting.

    wake me up when some content with substance is released please

    Still no heists. And all my money is gone. I actually don't know how to continue playing.

      Yeah where's the heists?In March the game will have been out 6 months.

    And there are new bugs, along with the new content.
    Like being locked out of your own car. That's fun.

    I'm still playing cause it's ridiculous, and a lot of fun, but come on! Fixes!

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