Sony Has Sold More Than 5.3 Million PS4 Units So Far

Sony Has Sold More Than 5.3 Million PS4 Units So Far

Sony announced this morning in an official release that it has sold more than 5.3 million PS4 units worldwide as of February 8, 2014. That’s quite impressive if you consider it’s still not out yet in Japan for four days, and only three months have passed since it’s November launch.

Hopefully these numbers mean more games (and localisations, yeah I’m looking at you Yakuza Restoration) in the future.


  • Can’t wait for Microsoft to shut up about their sales. They can’t even win with a worldwide launch against 2 country launch of ps4 initially. With stock finally getting on shelves and Japan release coming soon. I’m expecting the numbers to be somewhere around 7million.

      • It’s bad 🙁 But I actually don’t mind if Sony have no competition. During PS1 era, Sony practically have no competition and it was doing so great and there are still so many classics that I want to play it again now. Developers only needed to develop the game on one engine, giving them focus on storyline and less on porting it over several system.

        You would think that competition is healthy and pushes boundaries but it is rather stupid since PS2 and Xbox start fighting. Sure new technologies are coming but nothing really helps the gaming industry.

        • Sony did not “practically have no competition” for the PS1 – while the PS1 sold a ridiculous number of units, the N64 managed to rack up a healthy 35 million odd units shipped, and arguably had better games and better hardware.

          I think you’re wrong about competition – IMHO it definitely does force the console companies to innovate.

          Luckily they will always have the PC to compete against and show up their feeble, outdated hardware for what it is.

      • Oh I know that. I mean back during launch. No doubt PS4 covers more region now since the service is not region locked like X1. There are plenty of non supported countries are importing X1 anyway but the sales is just not as good.

        Remember how back in January Microsoft was bragging their holiday sales for being number 1 while PS4 was having shortage? Just saying stock are catching up and the real figure of sales should be compared now instead. Maybe one more time after X1 is launched worldwide but that will take another year or so and by that time MIcrosoft has lost the race.

        • I would hardly say bragging, i do remember them saying both consoles had a great launch and i do remember them congratulating sony on a great launch. But they never bragged them selves maybe some webpages had headlines that implied that possibly.

          i think your right and Sony will win the race but i think you got a few things wrong…… xbox is not region locked and sony launched into more countries from the start, prob why they had so many shortages they spreed themselves too thin.

      • Na I got Xbox One as well. While I loved the games they have, I think they really did poorly in this generation. Titanfall ftw mfker

        • I don’t trust you, I think you’re a spy.

          But seriously though, about play station ‘winning’, I think xbox is in good shape at 4million thereabouts. They’re certainly in second place, but 4 million is a heck of a second place! I bet a lot of companies would kill to be losing the race that well.

  • Can I get subtitled release of Yakuza 5 now please and Ishin too thanks.
    Oh and while I was wishful thinking can you make Shenmue 3 – then I can complain about that not getting a Western release.

    • Steady on… it’s sold 5 million in 3 months… I can’t see it selling double that in the next 2.

      Hell, even the 5 million so far has been limited by the fact they just can’t build enough of them quickly enough to meet demand. If they had the capacity to double their output I’m sure they would have done so already.

      • Fact: It has not launched in Japan yet, that’s next week. Wouldn’t be surprised if they sell 1 million in Japan in the first week.

        • Quite possibly – they sold more than that in the first week after launching in the US and I think again after launching in Europe, too. But 3 months later they’re still on just over 5m total. Assuming they get a 1m unit spike in launch week in Japan, that’ll take them to, say, 6.5-7 million (depending how many they sell elsewhere in that time). It’s a big ask to then more than double that in the next 2 months. 10 million by April is certainly not beyond them, but 15 would be pushing it.

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