The Best New Video Game Logo In A Long Time

The Best New Video Game Logo In a Long Time

The game this logo is for is multiplayer. It pits four players against one. The four are humans; the fifth is a giant monster. So they're evenly matched. This, everyone, is a brilliant logo.


    Oh, wow. It took my a while to realize what was so good about the logo.

    It's actually pretty smart... IMO...

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      what? 4 vs 1 ? what's so clever i need help to understand!

      So skinny E is in love and doesn't want his friends knowing about his fat brother?

    Easily as good and clever as the original Left 4 Dead cover art.

    So... the fifth letter is a V which is also the roman numeral for 5, and the colours are reversed... is that it? I feel like my mind isn't as blown as it should be.

      EVOL in red of a certain length (4 players)
      V in black (representing versus)
      E in red of the same length of the 1st 4 letters (Representing the 5th player of equal strength as the 4 player team)

      4 v 1

      E V O L "v" (versus) E

      E V O L have "health bars" equal to the sum total of "E"s health bar.

        "E" being enemy, and if you do it backwards, it's (E)nemy v LOVE. They hate love, how can they not be the enemy!?

        Ohh, ok. Looking at the 2nd V as a vs. makes waaay more sense.

      Its that it is a multiplayer consisting of 5 players, 4 v 1. The Logo pefectly matches it. Evol V e

      4 letters in their small orange boxes against (Vs, get it?) a letter in a big orange box.

    Nothing amazing. Is this even article ?

      Really? Hmm. Show us amazing...

      (FYI sending the Nike tick is the equivalent of saying you'd wish for world peace)

        At least it's better than The Dress So Nice Kate Middleton Wore It Twice


          I just saw that a second ago and gave a short sigh for humanity.

            If we're perusing the Allure Network bar, the thing about the crow on Gizmodo makes up for the lack of amazingness elsewhere though.

    I have to agree. I would go so far as to say its the best video game logo ever. The entire game explained in a simple, attractive graphic.

    "The game this logo is for is multiplayer" ahhhh What?

      It's correct, I can understand it; it's just poorly worded. Probably makes more sense to say, "This logo is for a multiplayer game".

      But that logo IS genius. I love it.

    EVOL Vs E - yep it's clever and good design all right.
    But doesn't it graphically imply that one of the characters in the team of 4 (E) is the same type of life form as the enemy (E)? Thus, it's representing an unfair match, with possibly one twin ganging up on his brother twin with 3 of his friends.
    To be truly great, the design should have made the second E more distinctive and suggestive of bigger size and different species.


      That would have made the design more complex and polluted its straightforward cleanliness just to add a bit of flavour for the people who really sits to think about it. Good logo design is about abstraction and conceptual and graphical succinctness.

      I give your logo review a 6/10

    And the FedEx logo has an arrow in it! Woooo!

    Ok, so I read the comments to make sure I understood what was so amazing and it that hadn't just flown over my head, it's clever but hardly worth posting about...

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