The Closest You Can Get To Actually Being In Skyrim

The Cyberith Virtualizer sounds like something out of a crappy sci-fi novel — until you watch this video and see what it can do.

With the Virtualizer, a motion-tracking device that isn't commercially available just yet, an Oculus Rift, and a Wii remote, this guy is basically inhabiting Skyrim. It's... incredible. Also incredibly dorky, but still — you're lying if you've never wondered when gaming will get to this point.

The folks behind the Virtualizer are also the ones responsible for this video, so don't expect to be able to do this yourself just yet. No word how much this beast will cost you, or when it will be out, although the Omni is slated for later this year.

(via Polygon)


    I could do without Skyrim tbh, but I do want the machine

    You'd get fairly fit running from one side of the map to the other time and time again

    lol at the pure joy on the guys face at 55sec when he shoots and arrow and then runs for it

    I want to cover the floors in my house in the material that he walks on.

    One day a real company is going to build something like this, and they’re going to name it something that a person who had sex once would admit to owning.

    ‘Cyberith Virtualizer’ is actually worse than ‘Oculus Rift’, which is actually quite an effort.

    These are all nice. Personally I would love one especially for flight sims/battlefield etc but I can't imagine too many gamers having enough endurance to use this? Realistically and I'm not being cruel but for any overweight/unfit gamers is this a genuine route that you could use to weight loss?

    That's pretty amazing.

    I don't care if it's third person... someone make Dark Souls compatible with this, and I will make you RICH*.

    Edit: *in praise

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    Looks interesting. Seems to have a few benefits over the Omi, but also some of the movements like walking backwards or strafing seems un-natural. Unfortunately like most things you're going to need to try it out.

    Also this one looks a bit more expensive than the Omi, which is already pretty pricy. I'll definitely be following this tho.

    This is one tactile feedback-suit away from Ready Player One.

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