The Sad, Lonely Beauty Of DayZ

Yes, there are zombies and other players to worry about in DayZ...but have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the world around you?

"Other Places," the video series by Andy Kelly that celebrates beautiful video game worlds makes a return today, this time highlighting Chernarus. In order to make the video, Kelly had to import the map from DayZ into the Arma 3 editor.

It's kind of melancholy, don't you think?

Other Places: Chernarus (DayZ) [ultrabrilliant]


    Chernarus is a pretty fantastic map. So much detail. Even as an Arma 2 map it was brilliant. Really, really, hope it gets an official Arma 3 port. Altis is jaw-droppingly huge, and impressive in it's own right - but I'd love to have Chernarus available as well.

      There is this:

      It might not be 100% official but it sounds like it's got BIS approval so it's reasonably close

        Oh nice, it;s been a while since I checked around for this sort of thing to see where it was at. I'll check it out tonight. Thanks!

    Tags DayZ and doesn't tag Arma... jesus. DayZ really has become the new click bait for video game sites huh =/

    Arma > DayZ

      Well it's hard to compare. A military simulation vs survival simulation. It is like Killing Floor and UT.

        I don't believe so. Same engine, same map, same gameplay mechanics, same assets. Main difference is Zombies and fun =P

          Sounds just like Killing Floor to me except there are mutated freaks chasing me.

      It's about DayZ really, the only reason Arma3 is used is because DayZ:SA doesn't have an editor to mess about with.

      But it IS awesome, that much I can't disagree with

      Prior to DayZ, 95% of the gaming population couldn't have even told you what ArmA/ArmA 2 was. Not surprising, really. I only knew about ArmA because I had a mate that was nuts on ArmA 2. I hadn't even played it prior to DayZ Mod.

        I have to admit to a certain amount of bias regarding Arma. It's hard not to come off as an Arma elitist when I've been playing it since the demo of operation flashpoint

          Yeah, it's kind of like that band you've been listening to for years when all of a sudden the rest of the world catches on from a popular song/single. I have to pull myself up on that too.

          Having never really played ArmA 2 in any capacity other than DayZ mod, I actually play custom missions and scenarios with friends in ArmA 3 pretty regularly now. Making up for it! =)

        Arma's had more recognition than that. Arma 1 because they were the original OFP developers; Arma 2 because the game looked stunning and got heaps of press due to the visuals and the "can it run Arma 2" articles; Arma 3 just because of Steam.

      What did you expect from the US contributors? I swear US Kotaku farms their staff from

      Yep. He even had to use the A3 engine to "pretty" it up. Enough with DayZ. That time has passed!

        Graphics wise I don't think anyone can be upset with DayZ, provided we are talking about the SA. Things can only get better, as it is in alpha.

        It's not the ArmA 3 engine - it's actually based off the Take On Helicopters engine. Also, over 1 million early access alpha sales indicate the time is far from passed.

          I got in on the action for the SA at around 150,000. Love it. I only had a taste of the Mod. Now with so many loonies running around hte country side it makes for, at times, hair raising experiences.

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