Watch This Man Play Dark Souls Using Only His Fists. It Is Insane.

I can't believe what I'm seeing. But this is real. This is legitimate. This man is destroying bosses that took me hours to beat. And he's doing using his fists.

This ties nicely into some thoughts I've been having about Dark Souls in general, about the balance between raw strength, levels, equipment and actual technique and skill. On my current playthrough of Dark Souls I'm stuck on Ornstein and Smough, the notoriously difficult boss battle in Anor Londo. I've taken some time out to level up, and upgrade my weapons. The process is painfully slow. It's a major grind and I can't decide if my time would be better spent actually practicing the boss fight itself, as opposed to simply levelling myself and my gear. Is it more important to simply get better at playing the game, improve my ability to read the patterns? Sometimes It's difficult to strike the right balance.

Videos like this make me realise just how important technique actually is in Dark Souls and how, for the most part, it takes precedence over levels.

If you've ever played Dark Souls for any length of time, this video is well worth watching.

Thanks Glen!


    The title alone made me laugh out loud. This is why you're awesome Mark.

    It sucks. I've decided to skip Dark Souls 1 and wait for 2 to come out.

    Now when I heard fists, I thought you meant he clenched his hand into a fist and used a controller like that.

      so its NOT that??
      boooooooo....misleading title Mark :P

      ... Mashing the controller with such intensity it just shatters everywhere, all the while screaming and shaking his head while not even looking at the screen.

      But still doing pretty well in the game.

    LobosJr does a lot of novelty runs of the game.

    He's beaten it with the aggression mod turned on, using only the Dragon Bone Fist heavy attack (it's a shoryuken), and using the armour that damages enemies as you roll into them. He also did a co-op all bosses run recently with Noobest.

    His stream is definitely worth a watch if you want to see someone do weird things to Dark Souls.

    After all the trouble I had with Dark Souls I think I kind of hate this guy for being able to do this so easily.

    Reading the title I thought Mark meant he was punching his controller (and therefore the game) into submission. Hopes dashed.

    I skipped two hours into it and that bastard's already at Anor Londo ... that took me 30 hours to get to and he's doing it with his fists. Curse people who are better than me

    This guy has my respect. I very recently tried doing a Caestus run, got to Quelaag, saw numbers like 31 and said "Nope". Of course, with the right gear and pyromancy spells (ie. Power Within) I might succeed but I'm still trying to get better at basic stuff like when to roll, parrying, backstabs, etc.

      Try using power within, the red tearstone ring and the shield sanctus (on your back) at the same time. You'll die in one hit but it'll boost you damage by like 140% and prevent you from dying from boredom when doing low damage output runs. Only works if you never upgrade you vitality.

    It is awesome after a fashion - looks like he's on twich. But with tumble buff he's doing the same dmg as fist weapons anyway...and later power within...All this proves is there's plenty of twisty ways to beat DS. It's more of a tribute to From Software )

    I'm not saying the guy doesn't deserve props though. I did an sl4 run with a bandit knife and it was tough so he's certainly got mad skills.

    Last night I beat the Gaping D in The Depths. Today, at the Firelink Shrine I smashed the skellies that taught me the basics.

    Input = output. I've never felt such an attraction to a game since Super Metriod SNES. That's a long time ago.

    All thanks to a Serrels inspired 2nd run (and more successful).

    This is A GAME.

    More successful than my first run. Not Serrels.

    Keep going Mark! We must finish this. Let is know how it (your experience- non spoiler of course) ends for you.

    Oh. Having played DS, it never ends. MORE SOULS!!

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