What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm sorry everyone. I'm playing Dark Souls. Again.

But you know what? I have the urge to check out OlliOlli on PS Vita, but I seriously, honestly can't find my PS Vita charger. Unreal. Fellow games writers are constantly telling me how much I would love OlliOlli, but I haven't been able to play it yet because of the charger issue.

I'm also keen on checking out Outlast. I'm a PlayStation + member, so it's currently free and I'm a big fan of survival horror. So maybe after dying for the zillionth time, I'll take a nice gentle break by playing a game set in an insane asylum.

What are you playing this weekend?


    MGS3 for some daft reason.

      Because hell yes.

        I'm not so sure...
        Although, I'm on my second playthrough, which I started immediately after finishing it, so it must be doing something right.
        I certainly wouldn't describe my first playthrough as "fun." Up until the battle with The End (which was great) I just wanted it to be over. Second playthrough is more enjoyable, since I have the stealth camo and I'm just mucking 'round, finding overlooked collectables.

        I just don't "get" it.

        I have every intention of giving 4 a go at some point. Hoping it's more fluid, and less like trying to pilot a malfunctioning mech.

          MGS4 is sheer brilliance, but fluid it is most definitely not.


              I still say you should play the shit out that thang.
              It's a flawed masterpiece, and a defining title of the last generation. But then again, if you're not feeling MGS3.... not so sure.

              As long as you're playing one of the MGS3 remakes - the original camera on PS2 non-Subsistence version was fucking horrific. Subsistence, MGS3HD, MGS3D, etc all have the improved, free camera.

                I get lost with the modern camera

    Started Outlast on PS4 last night, so will probably knock that over. Also continue my Dead Rising 3 playthrough. In between will likely be WoW, and Bravely Default.

      How goes Bravely?

        Don't know, it comes out on the US 3DS store today. Haven't played it yet.

    Demon's Souls again.


    The only other person still playing this game wants to kill me.

      I'm still playing, but didn't invade you ;) I havent been invaded once in fact. 12 bosses + 2 dragons down, 4 bosses to go I think.

    Going to be jumping into some GTA Online on the Xbox 360 . If anyone wants to unleash hell with me in Los Santos. Be sure to send me a friends request. My gamertag is : B1ack Sword

    Tomb raider DE and Fable anniversary.

    May play some more Dead island thanks games with gold!

    Demon's souls! Taken out the adjudicator, now to go back to the poison swamp and see if I can get to the first boss there. Keep getting smashed by the BFG's there :(

    111 hrs and 95% complete in GTA V. The journey is almost over.

    Catch up on work >_<

    Last edited 07/02/14 11:22 am

      That sounds like a terrible game. What's the last boss like?

    More Skyrim, more resi 2 (cant stop!) & just jumped back into Chaos Rings after a long break.

    Dark Souls. Got to push my way through Sen's Fortress.

    This is all your fault, @markserrels.

      I know. He's a horrible influence. Roped me in as well. On this playthrough, I cracked. In over 25 years of gaming, I never used a guide for a game I hadn't already beaten. Dark Souls broke me. This time I will beat it though. Further in than any previous run so far.

      Sen's Fortress really is a pain in the ass. Good luck to you. I'm about to take my first attempt at the bosses in Anor Londo.

      Oh, I almost forgot. Damn you, Mark!

      Have you beaten the Iron Golem yet?

        No, I've only gone about halfway up Sen's Fortress before one of the evilly placed arrow traps got me. Place is annoying trial-and-error like that.

    Any one or combination of the following:
    PS4 - Outlast, COD: Ghosts, BF4 Online, ACIV.
    PS3 - GTA V or Online, Last of Us Online.
    Wii U: New Super Mario U, ZombiU, DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest

    Gladly I think my 4 month old son will take up most of my time tho

    If I can acquire all 120 stars from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    I can finally get started on Tales of Xillia.

    Possibly finish GTA V ( I think I'm on the last heist), and starts on new saves on Skyrim and Dark Souls. What's this outside people say I should witness?

    Collecting the rest of the stuff in Lego Batman 2, then moving on to Lego Marvel.

    Also want to try Outlast if I ever get to download it because I just turned on my PS4 for the first time in weeks and it has quite a few update downloads to get through first.

    Muramasa Rebirth, Outlast and maybe some Battlefield 4. Got the house to myself all day tomorrow and just had a house inspection so it's spotless, should get plenty of gaming in :D.

    Blackflag. Just been trying to upgrade everything before I finish off the main mission (I think I’m getting pretty close).

    WAS going to play Outlast. That was before finding out that Flappy Bird is making $50,000 a day. I think I'll learn C++.

    Firefall and when i get bored of that ill head into LOTRO need to work on my Legacies. I am spewing cause i have tried Darksouls just cant seem to get anywhere with it on P.C having trouble equipting items and dont have a 360 controler.

    Been feeling like going back into my old games. I reinstalled DA:O and modded that up, gunna finish it as a Dalish elf this time. Also been keen to play System Shock 2 and Theif II again.

    God I wish I still had the Dark Souls experience to have. Seeing the bliss being posted by Mark, Patrick Klepek, Brad Shoemaker, Vinny Caravella and Jeff Green I want to experience fresh all again. Can not wait for the new game.

    I would be playing the Elder Scrolls Online but by the time I download the 21gb file to play the bloody thing the Beta will be over.

    Going to fight my way through chapter 6 in Resident Evil 5 on Veteran tonight. then who knows, I may just have a steam lottery lol.

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