While You Were Sleeping

Morning ladies and gents and welcome to While You Were Sleeping. I always write this on the train, so today's is brought to you by the guy snoring next to me on the train who smells a bit like poo.

If you watch Anime then you'll know how much effort goes into the intro sequence of each anime. For some reason the work in the intro seems like it has way higher production values than the actual show itself. I could probably watch Anime intros all day. Good job we've collected 10 awesome anime intros and endings from this seasons shows!

Hey, um... Hideo Kojima has his own bloody LEGO figure. How is this possible? Of course LEGO Kojima bears the 'I'm a cool guy smirk'. That is a face that says, "I've just trolled the ever loving shit out of you".

The folks that make Killzone are working on something new. Something that isn't Killzone. Awesome. The Swapper is coming to all PlayStation platforms in May, and this is one very practical use for old 360 controllers.

In Short The Swapper Coming To Playstation In May Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima Transformed Into LEGO Figurine The People Who Make Killzone Games Are Working On Something That Isn't Killzone One Very Practical Use For Old 360 Controllers 10 Awesome Anime Openings And Endings From Winter 2014


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