Alien: Isolation Hatches October 7

Alien: Isolation Hatches October 7

Have Sega and Creative Assembly finally got a hold on this deep space survival horror thing, or will no one hear you scream because you aren’t screaming? We’ll find out on October 7, when Alien: Isolation hits PlayStations, Xboxen and PC.

Despite indications that this might be *the* Alien game, I do not have high hopes for Alien: Isolation. This is because it will either be a horrible joke, or so good I’ll be too scared to play it. For the sake of those with backbones, I hope it’s the latter.

Alien: Isolation Hatches October 7


  • To anybody worried, this has nothing to do with Colonial Marines.

    However, I wasn’t interested in this game until I learned more about it. This is a survival horror game. There is only one alien who stalks you using sight, sound, and smell.

  • The more I see about this game, the more my hard shell of cynical disinterest cracks.

    I’m… daring to hope.

    Please. I’m begging you. Don’t suck.

  • I have a feeling that the gameplay will be great. However, I doubt the story will make sense, particularly with how it’ll fit in with events between Alien and Aliens.

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