Anti-Games Senator Accused Of Being A Grand Theft Auto Character

Anti-Games Senator Accused Of Being A Grand Theft Auto Character

The irony is enough to choke on. California State Senator Leland Yee, long an outspoken critic of violent video games, isn't just facing bribery charges. He's also been accused of helping broker marijuana sales and of involving the mafia in an international arms deal.

As far-fetched as that sounds, that's exactly what Yee stands accused of, the FBI alleging that he, according to a report in the LA Times, said he "had an arms-trafficking contact", and that he "wanted donations in return for connecting an Italian gangster from New Jersey with an international arms dealer".

Yee, who thought he was meeting with a potential buyer, was actually meeting with an undercover FBI agent, who discussed buying assault rifles and even rocket launchers, which it's claimed Yee promised could be procured through Filipino contacts.

Just to be clear, Yee wasn't just renowned for his tough stance on violent video games. He was also recognised for his strict gun control measures.

The FBI also say that in return for campaign donations, he "introduced a businessman to state legislators who had significant influence over pending medical marijuana legislation".

Politics. Politics never changes.

Sen. Yee charged with trafficking firearms in sweeping FBI probe [LA Times]


    A serious headline would of had more punch. This just makes it look like "omg, this guy hates games, but plays GTA!!!!!"

    Politics. Politics never changes.

    Hypocrites. Hypocrites never change.

    Poorly thought-out title, but this doesn't particularly surprise me. it actually reminds me of community leaders who deny problems of crime within their community or claim to be fighting against them when they happen to be the gang leaders themselves.

    Plunkett. Plunkett never changes.

    I am not sure if those are bad news or good news...

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