Everyday Choices Are A Lot Harder In Final Fantasy VII

When it comes to the routine of daily life, Final Fantasy VII doesn't leave you with many good options. Take grocery shopping with Cloud, for example, as imagined by Fox's Animation Domination Hi-Def.


    I'm a big FF fan, and a big ADHD fan, and this made a total of zero sense to me. Oh yeah! Now I remember! It's just like that part when 'Cloud' was on a date with Tifa as a youngster in Nibleheim on the water tower, and then it went into a totally random fight scene where your options were 'Make Out' and 'Awkward Silence While Cloud Goes Into His Own Soliloquy'. Now it makes sense

    Of all the JRPG tropes they could have worked with, they kept repeating the same boring fight mechanic one. What a waste of time.

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