What's More Glorious Than HD Final Fantasy VII? Paper Final Fantasy VII.

Because paper is awesome! Comic artist George Alexopoulos turns role-playing game Final Fantasy VII into adorable 2D paper figures. While fans clamor for a FFVII remake, I'll take a Final Fantasy VII Paper. (Oh, and a remake.)

Previously, Kotaku posted his Zelda and Mega-Man doodles, which were just as darling, if not more.

FFVII [StudioNJ via On The Level Gaming]


    You're wrong, Bashcraft.

    What would actually be more glorious would be if all the VII fanboys would stop complaining, and squeenix actually gave us ffX-hd... and maybe hd VIII and IX because they are superior lol

      I'd prefer a HD VI

      VIII is terrible, IX is amazing, but not better than VII.
      Doesn't matter though. VI destroys every other game anyway.

      VIII wasn't superior to any of the post Playstation FFs, save maybe the online two and 13.

      VIII? hmmm. It was ok but I wouldn't play it again.
      VII yes.
      X yes.
      but not VIII or even IX.

    There is something innately wrong with that Aerith one.

      Also Tifa looks like a boy

    Definately would like FF VIII & FF IX before all others. Of all the FF, I missed FF VI. What was that one about?

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