Finally! Gameplay Footage Of EA Sports UFC!

Personally, I've been waiting a long time for this: gameplay footage of EA Sports UFC. It's here. Finally.

It doesn't quite show the game itself being played, but it does feature action rendered using the in-game engine from all the cinematic camera angles you might expect in a trailer. I suppose that's about as good as we're going to get for now.

From what I've seen so far, I'm impressed. In terms of the character models and the movesets we're seeing, there's appears to be a real high level of attention in this game. For fans of MMA, and specific fighters, that's going to be paramount.

But still, I'm keen to see an actual match in action. I want to see how it all flows together. As a massive fan of Mixed Martial Arts, this is one of my most anticipated games of year.

A couple of notes from the trailer...

- I had to laugh at the trailer focusing on Roy Nelson and Alastair Overeem when explaining the concepts of getting 'gassed' and using sloppy technique.

- Cain Velasquez dropping a suplex on Mark Hunt? Come on! That's never going to happen.

- Nick Diaz appears in the trailer! Good news that he's in the game.


    Also beyond keen for this. Looks like the Fight Night team have been working hard!

    That skin ripple and flush effects. The fact that feet are on the mat. Those fighting/movement physics.

    I'm normally the first guy to put his hand up and say "Story above all".

    But that ripple.

    That ripple.

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    damn that looks good. hopefully it plays as well as it looks. ive found the past few UFC games a bit stiff in the striking. combos need to flow together better.

    Damn still no mention of it coming to PC. Might have to look at getting a PS4 or Xbone to get on this.

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    I have played SO many hours of UFC 3 verse friends and I'm so keen for this. But I still see the controls being a nightmare. I see total punch control coming or the same controls as EA MMA, and I for one don't want that.

    They weren't anywhere near as good as THQ's (which weren't perfect by any stretch). That's the only thing I am worried about.

    The graphics look perfect.

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      I didn't mind if they have total punch control but you need to have the option of buttons (like UFC 3)

      The most important thing....that the game play and controls match up in quality with the graphics..

      Also looking at the roster so far....looks like the concentration of fighters are in the light-heavyweight divisions....and they need more women fighters (currently its only Miesha Tate & Ronda Rousey)

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      From what I've heard around the web from the developer themselves is that the controls will be closer to UFC 3 than EA MMA.

        Ahhh good news @gentlemanj

        @bigdirtyjase I think they will have a good selection of the female fighters. I wish Cyborg, Megumi Fujii and Gina Carano were in there too. Holly Holm being in there would be nice when and if she signs.

        Fedor, Randy and co would also be a welcome addition - and as EA owns the likenesses for them (I guess through EA MMA) I assume they will be playable? Fedor vs Brock...

          @spence Well I wonder if they (Zuffa/UFC) can get likeness rights for Cyborg and Carano since technically they are under contract with UFC (They were under contract with Strikeforce when Zuffa/UFC brought the company so its been grandfathered in)

            @bigdirtyjase Good point I didn't think of that. Cross weight fights wouldn't go amiss either.

            Mark Hunt vs Aldo pls.

    When are they releasing the "Saturday night in Kings Cross" DLC?

    It's looking really good, but I can't really muster any excitement until I see how it plays. No one has found a way to make the ground game interesting in previous iterations, though EA did it better than THQ. EA's first attempt at striking wasn't very good, though.

    The flash knockouts are good for simulation, I guess, but I hope you can turn them off because that kind of randomness isn't a lot of fun in a game context.

    As much as I like UFC I wish EA would make another Fight Night game.


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