Our First Look At EA Sports UFC's Career Mode

There are a lot of good reasons to be excited for EA Sports UFC, and not all of them require you to be a fan of MMA. Remember Fight Night Round 3? That was one of the first legit 'next-gen' looking games for the Xbox 360. That was the game you used to show off your new HDTV/console set-up. I'm hoping EA Sports UFC serves the same purpose.

In terms of characters models and general visuals, the game continues to look great. But we haven't seen enough actual proper gameplay footage up until this point. I think that's a legitimate complaint.

The above trailer seems to be a bit more open in that aspect. You seems to get a far better idea of how the game will actually play from this trailer.

It focuses on the career mode. EA Sports UFC is being created by the team that did the incredible Fight Night Champion and I was sort of 'pie-in-the-sky' hoping the team would create a similar type of single player campaign for that game. That isn't happening. Not this time round at least. But still, this video gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the single player career mode.

The game is set for release in June this year.


    So you have to actually have planning and intelligence, like actual MMA stars, to last out a career that could take you to the top - rather than just button mash and get three powerful moves?

    Right, that clip did it for me. I'm in.

      I was really looking forward to this. Now I'm super hyped. That career mode sounds awesome, and will definitely add longevity to the game.

    God I'm excited for this game. Adding TUF to the career mode is a great move, that's something that the THQ games were always missing.

    Since it's out in June the demo should be out in a few weeks so we should get a really good look at the gameplay soon.

      Are you sure. I can't wait

    Another reason for me to get a PS4.

    The one thing I'm wondering is how long is the grind to become good? If it's like most of the EA Sport titles...then the grind is going to be long (well I think anyways)

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