Meet The Mystery Fighter Of EA Sports UFC: Bruce Lee

Meet The Mystery Fighter of EA Sports UFC: Bruce Lee

Lee joins the impressive roster of UFC fighters in EA's mixed martial arts game. The character is the product of a partnership between EA Sports and Bruce Lee Enterprises, who agreed to support Lee's inclusion with plenty of background material which, according to EA Sports, allowed them to create a highly authentic digital representation of the martial arts legend.

Here's art director Ian Lloyd:

This does not just look like Bruce Lee. It is Bruce Lee. The way he carries himself, his fighting stance, his rippling physique, devastating speed, signature strikes and accompanying yells, whoops and shrieks.

We have summoned this pinnacle of human strength, speed and spirit into our world and it has truly been an honour and a career highlight for us to do so.

Bruce Lee can be unlocked in two ways: either by finishing the game's campaign mode on Pro difficulty or higher, or by pre-ordering the game — in which case you can use Lee in your first playthrough. Look for him this Spring, when EA Sports UFC lands on Xbox One and PS4.

Meet The Mystery Fighter of EA Sports UFC: Bruce Lee
Meet The Mystery Fighter of EA Sports UFC: Bruce Lee

Everyone Can Be Bruce Lee & Why Bruce? [EA Sports UFC Official Site]


    He would get his ass kicked.

      I agree that Bruce Lee is the victim of decades of overblown hype. His movies have also not aged particularly well. But there's no reason to believe that he wouldn't have fared quite well in modern MMA. He had impressive fitness and strength, and he trained in a variety of martial arts that included boxing, wrestling, and judo.

        He would do fine... In his weight class... With intense training.
        What he had going for him was that he was a natural talent but like you said the legend is bigger than the man.

      So you have no concept of an internal martial arts style? If every strike was a proper chi strike then all direct hits should break bones and rupture internal organs.

      It's a shame that UFC is dominated by meathead styles

    Holy crap, look at the last pic, he's not the real Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee was Asian and in the pic he's hung like a horse

    I don't think his "Legend" status is overated, he was one of the very best in which there are only a few. Chuck Norris (the best tournament fighter of his time) would have known whom was better and he is not saying. The rumour is, they duked it out behind closed doors but would not say who won.

    The one inch punch is not what defined Bruce Lee, it was his superb fitness, power, philosophy and what he gave to the martial arts and Asian community that that defined him. Oh and of course his movies.

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