It’s All Villains In This Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer


That is some gorgeous web-swinging, huh?

Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis didn’t show up in the first film of the rebooted web-swinging film franchise but someone who looks a whole lot like the Green Goblin appears to be giving Spider-Man hell in this clip. Aside from the Osborns, there’s more scenes with Paul Giamatti in the Rhino mech suit, too.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Amazing Spider-Man but this next movie seems to be doubling down on the things I liked about its predecessor, namely Andrew Garfield’s nervous, energetic babbling and the great chemistry between him and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. Speaking of Gwen, it sure looks like something bad might happen to her in this movie. The question is, is the THE bad thing that happens to her in the comics? We’ll see, I guess.


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