Looks Like The Splinter Cell Movie Might Actually Be Getting Made.

Looks like the Splinter Cell movie might actually be getting made. The Hollywood Reporter says that Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) will be directing, with shooting to start in August and a release planned for 2015.

Check out the Hollywood Reporter story here.


    Well, I'm cautiously optimistic. Bourne style combat with extra sneaky bastardness and NVG

      Just less shakeycam!

        Eh, the Bourne movies did shakycam well, it was the legion of knockoffs that ran it into the ground

          The sequels did the shakeycam well. Go back to the first. For instance the park fight. Its barely watchable. Its choreographed beautifully but the shakey cam is horrific.

            They got steadily worse once Greengrass took over. At least the camera was pointing in the general direction of the action in the first movie.

              Oh yeah the movies themselves got worse. But i stand by the shakeycam.

    At least Liman was the good Bourne director. This could turn out OK.

    He also directed GO! back in the 90's. Any of you kids remember that one?
    Fuck, I used to think it was so cool. Which of course, means it probably still is >.

      It has olyphant. Its always cool.

        Hitman. Die Hard 4. Dreamcatcher.

        Some movies are beyond even Olyphant's help.

        Go was cool, though :-)

    Man, I remember getting Chaos Theory on the original Xbox and it having a "teaser" for a Splinter Cell movie!

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