New Gameplay Trailer For Titanfall

Maybe the hot, sweaty memories of Titanfall beta have evaporated from your brain and you're trying to remember what it all felt like. Watch this gameplay trailer to whet your appetite for Respawn's wall-run/jetpack/giant mech extravaganza.


    It's Oblivion with guns CoD with mechs. And that's not a bad thing.

      Exactly like CoD with mechs*

      * not taking into account the drastic change in gameplay due to wallrunning, titans and AI, maps designed entirely different to cater for wall running and titans, unique weapons, unique gamemodes (i.e. multiplayer campaign) and burn cards

      But seriously though, to say this is CoD with mechs is to say that LoL is DotA with cartoony graphics or that BF is CS with explosions and vehicles. It's just a silly statement. They're in the same genre, they have a base similarity being a first person shooter.

        I played it. The basic gameplay and feel was the same to me as it was with CoD. Of course it's different, but too similar to dismiss in the sense that they're both level progressing, multiplayer online shooters with perks and (Titans and sci-fi setting notwithstanding) similar shooting mechanics.

        Again, it's not a bad thing. CoD is a solid game. Titanfall is a solid game.

        It feels very similar to CoD in the way it plays, the shooting mechanics, speed and game loop. If I didn't know anything about TitanFall's development, I would know immediately that it was by a team that worked on CoD.

        That's not a bad thing, CoD is very good at what it does!

        If you took out the Mechs I could easily believe this was just a very highly polished CoD mod, so I don't think it's unreasonable to say "It's CoD with Mechs". To say that dismissively is pretty silly, but it is one of the more accurate game summaries I've heard.

        In fact, I bet they pitched it to EA by saying "It's CoD with Mechs! Money please!"

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          of course it feels like cod and plays similar to cod... that's the game they would be aiming at stealing the playerbase from. i don't see why they wouldn't want to get sales from cod.

          as a result the control scheme and game play is very similar to cod. i mean if you can pick it up and not have to thing about what button to press to do what you want then its going to be easier to get sucked into the game.

          personally it plays alot better than ghosts. and i enjoy it just as much as i do bf4.

          at least the just my opinion about the whole thing.

    I enjoyed the TF beta, but it's funny after seeing all the recent(ish) Battlefield 4 trailers that show jets, tanks, infantry, boats, choppers, buildings falling down, etc...just seeing guys either running or hopping on a titan over and over again, seems a bit small-time...

      This is exactly how I feel. I really enjoy CoD at times, but after playing a game of Battlefield it's hard to go back to small skirmishes. I can't help but imagine those Mechs being set free in a decently sized map, up against tanks and jets.


    They're using Akkadian Empire as music for this?

    That's only music that was used for trailers for Starcraft 2, LotR:WitN, Avatar, and, oh I dunno.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (admittedly, it was just the drum part).

    For christ's sake guys, find a new friggin' song.

    I never planned to buy it but after seeing this trailer the chances are good.

    Not really much gameplay in this gameplay video. Sure it's all in game, but that's the same as a trailer with replays from Gran Turismo or Forza. Anyways, enough complaining, still looks awesome

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