Titanfall: Watch The 20 Minute Demo From The EB Games Expo

There might not be any new footage in this recent presentation of Respawn's Titanfall, but it's a fun video nonetheless — 20 minutes of concept art, gameplay, and discussion about the upcoming shooter, presented by Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe at the EB Games Expo in Sydney this weekend.

Titanfall, slated for release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC next year, is certainly looking impressive. I got to play some of the mech-stuffed shooter at PAX last month, and although I'm not a shooter person (like, at all), I can totally see the appeal here — double-jumps and wall-bouncing add an interesting vertical element to the chaos, and blasting your enemies with a giant metal Titan is certainly satisfying.

It looks fantastic, too. The folks at Respawn — many of whom helped create the titanic franchise Call of Duty back when they were at Infinity Ward — have brought their A game here.

Mark mentioned that Titanfall would be playable at the Expo...did you get the chance to try it yourself?


    A bit awkward that she said, "we made this video to say thanks to you guys" and then Vince referred to Gamescom in the video...

      Her whole intro was awkward.

        Agreed. You'd think that someone with her job would have a better grasp of the English language and maybe even take the time to rehearse what they were going to say rather than following awkward silences with, "so anyway."

    I played it, best fps I have played in a long time!

    Waited 3 hours to play 15 minutes worth of gameplay at EB expo. It was worth it though ....

    EDIT: It wasn't a let down for the 3 hours wait.

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    I saw some very dedicated people sitting in that line, the line where all the other people with the more expensive passes always got to go in first.

    Everyone who's played the demo says its awesome...

    I probably get this on PC instead. I feel sorry for people who doesn't have internet who can't play this game.

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    I was there on Saturday and after a 2hr lineup to play the game finally got a go on it.

    Believe the hype people - this game is incredible!!!

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