Is Titanfall A Timed Exclusive?

After finally getting the chance to play Titanfall at the EB Expo, I can’t think of a next-generation AAA title that excites me more. As an Xbox One/PC exclusive it’s beginning to look more and more like a genuine system seller, but will it remain exclusive? On a Reddit thread Microsoft’s Major Nelson didn’t commit either way.

“As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall,” he said, after being asked about its exclusivity. “I’m not worried about it though.”

By “a question for Titanfall” I can only assume he means Respawn Entertainment, meaning that Titanfall’s exclusivity is not really a question he is in a position to talk about with any kind of finality.

It’s an interesting one. Titanfall, at the very least, is a timed exclusive for Microsoft. Even if the game makes it to the PlayStation 4, it will be after a specific length of time. If you want to play Titanfall at launch you will have to play on Xbox or PC.

But for those making a difficult choice between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the question of Titanfall’s exclusivity is an important one. Will we see Titanfall on a PlayStation console at some point? I guess only ‘time’ will tell.

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