Is Titanfall A Timed Exclusive?

After finally getting the chance to play Titanfall at the EB Expo, I can't think of a next-generation AAA title that excites me more. As an Xbox One/PC exclusive it's beginning to look more and more like a genuine system seller, but will it remain exclusive? On a Reddit thread Microsoft's Major Nelson didn't commit either way.

"As far as being an exclusive that's really a question for Titanfall," he said, after being asked about its exclusivity. "I'm not worried about it though."

By "a question for Titanfall" I can only assume he means Respawn Entertainment, meaning that Titanfall's exclusivity is not really a question he is in a position to talk about with any kind of finality.

It's an interesting one. Titanfall, at the very least, is a timed exclusive for Microsoft. Even if the game makes it to the PlayStation 4, it will be after a specific length of time. If you want to play Titanfall at launch you will have to play on Xbox or PC.

But for those making a difficult choice between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the question of Titanfall's exclusivity is an important one. Will we see Titanfall on a PlayStation console at some point? I guess only 'time' will tell.


    Really a no brainer anyway PC via 55" LCD :D

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    OK, it looks good and all... But a clincher between which system? Nah. I think you buy a system for more than its launch titles, I mean really, how many system launch titles do you still play from last gen? As for an exclusive, depends on how much money Microsoft throws at it over the next few months based in all likelihood on how well it does. If it does become the next xbone defining game that everyone is playing and all the ps4 gamers crave they will keep locking it down with contracts and cash.

    Titanfall looks really good, but not enough to make be buy an Xbone at launch.

    Of course it's a timed exclusive. Otherwise they would be falling over themselves trumpeting exclusivity in the same way they've done with Forza and Ryse.

      Well they can't go trumpeting about it like they are with Forza and Ryse, as it's not an Xbox One exclusive. Going to be on 360 and PC too. Plus it's also not a launch title like Forza and Ryse.

        The reason they can't trumpet it has nothing to do with it not actually being one.

        It has to do with the fact Microsoft don't own the game or its developers and despite it currently being a microsoft exclusive that could change at any moment, as such they are in no position to state anything.

        THOUGH given the fact the entire game revolves around the cloud system implemented by Microsoft and that Sony currently has no equivalent the game would either A) need to be heavily modified making it a different game entirely or B) Sony or Respawn would need to pay for the out of pocket expenses for such a configuration (which i doubt neither is willing to do).

        So a gambling man would say its an exclusive and its not going to change.

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          You have NO idea how crucially integrated the "cloud" is into Titan Fall. It is only Microsoft's marketing hype, that suggests the game requires the cloud to play. They could just mean, that the cloud is used for some physics processing. Or it could just be a BS way of saying that because the game in online only, it requires XBL, which is hand in hand with the cloud; because the "cloud" is just Microsoft's servers.

          When you actually LOOK at the game, there is NOTHING technical, keeping it from running on a PS4, which has stronger specs right out the box. Seriously, the game is pretty, but no more so than Killzone or Infamous: Second Son. So WHY wouldn't it be able to run? Are there hidden polygons or game play features that haven't been announced, which can only run with off site server processing?

          That is almost laughable, when you consider that latency would greatly hinder such a processing requirement anyway! If the game could ONLY run in tandem with a server, then it would run poorly. No, Microsoft has developed the cloud, to add additional processing depth, to a game that would otherwise just require more local processing resources.

          In fact; Respawn themselves have stated the the cloud is used for the purpose of having dedicated servers. This is their actual statement about Microsoft's Cloud:

          -"Amazon has a cloud that powers websites. Sony has a cloud that streams game video so you can play a game that you don’t have on your machine. Now Xbox Live has a cloud that somehow powers games. Cloud doesn’t seem to actually mean anything anymore, or it has so many meanings that it’s useless as a marketing word. Let me explain this simply: when companies talk about their cloud, all they are saying is that they have a huge amount of servers ready to run whatever you need them to run. That’s all."

          Btw, I'm not dissing XB1 here. I'm just calling out, what has been an absurd trend, of pretending like Titan Fall is somehow out of the technical reach of the PS4. We'll just have to wait I suppose.

    I thought that Titanfall is coming out for the 360 as well as Xbox One/PC?

      It is - honestly wait a year people and you'll get a much better picture of what's going on.

      Xbox will probably have the more interesting launch lineup - but how much of that was because they moved 360 games up to Xbone (Ryse and Crimson Dragon are definite examples of this, there's also rumoured to be a Crackdown 3 in development!) whereas Sony kept PS3 projects on the PS3 (whether this means The Last Guardian will release as a PS3 exclusive in 3 years time - well possibly, at least Brazil will play it!!)

      With the exception of BF4 (which at 64 player matches is clearly superior on next gen consoles) almost all the interesting games (Destiny, PvZ Garden Warfare, Project SPARK, Watch Dogs, Metal Gear Solid 5, Titanfall) will all be catering to the current generation as well.

      If you look back at the Xbox 360's 2006 output - it was generally pretty bad and with the exception of Gears of War, has aged horribly, in comparison to it's 2007 output which still holds up, possibly because it was made for that generation of consoles and not the previous one (still there's less graphical difference in the generations now so maybe that point is now moot!)

    Can we stop calling the Xbox One the Xbone please? It's about as witty and hilarious as people referring to Microsoft as M$.

    I'm sorry but if it were 100% locked in exclusive MS would be going nuts. They are behind, they need a AAA title to be yelling out THIS is why you buy the Xbone. If Titanfall was a console exclusive MS would/should be shouting it from the roof tops.... they aren't, therefore I believe it's not.

      Excuse me microsoft have more AAA titles than Sony.. Especially better ones Forza 5 is and will be mindblowingly good anyone that doubts it clearly hasn't played Forza4
      What exclusive AAA titles does Sony have anymore? You lost KH3, Metal Gear... and if you even mention Infamous of Killzone being good I'm going to laughing your face

      Fanboy alert! How are microsoft behind? Besides Killzone, what does the PS4 have going for it on launch? Console fanboys are the worst. Can't you just accept that both consoles are awesome in their own way? I know I do :D

        That's the thing, these consoles in particular are very similar, with only very minor differences. Big exclusives will be what separates them. I think MS is hyping TF, but the language it uses indicates to me it's not going to remain exclusive,

        And it's hardly fanboyism to point out obvious reality, that is that the Xbone is behind in pre-orders and 'market mind share'.

          Thing is with the Xbone though is that there will be a period leading up to christmas where no stores are going to have PS4's to sell but will have Xbones. The smart retail staff like myself won't have any trouble selling an Xbone to a customer who can't get their hands on a PS4. Pre-orders are not always a reflection of how well something will sell, believe me.

          If you weren't being a fanboy, you wouldn't be making comments like the one you did before. And just to comment about your statement about them needing a AAA title to sell the console, they have three. Forza, Dead Rising and Ryse. What does Sony have pray tell?

          I'm not an Xbox fan boy by the way, will be getting both this next gen.

    Titanfall - no. An exclusive remake of Blakes 7 on xbone TV? - Got me pondering.

    I will get it on pc.
    Though most next gen sales will be latter next year and on. so really when people have the money to buy then they should consider.
    Though this game looks like it was born for PC.

      Explain why Titalfall was born for the PC?

    I really enjoy CoD single player campaigns - that's probably been the best thing about the current gen for me, along with Battlefield 1943. But the multiplayer has been too difficult on the CoD games :(

    Apparently Titanfall is a little more accommodating for those players that don't have the time to invest to become an expert at the game - and that makes it very enticing for me. A fun game that won't embarrass the heck out of me.

    But 1 game is not enough to make the xbox attractive - although I suspect it will be one of the best launch titles ever.

    I can easily see it going over to PS4 and it seems likely that I'll be waiting a while before getting a PS4 in any case, so for me I think Titanfall has to go to PS4 (devs and publisher can't miss out on that market base) and probably after around 6 months is my guess.

    I think it's possible that Titanfall remains an Xbone exclusive but MS would have too pay the devs and EA an absurdly large amount of money for that to happen, and I don't think it would work out for anyone if they were to do that. The fact that Titanfall is also on PC is a strong sign that MS doesn't have deep enough wallets to secure absolute exclusivity.

      It’s not a launch title.

      I’d expect that Titanfall will show up on the PS4 eventually, much the same way that Mass Effect did last gen.
      It would be VERY unusual for EA to limit a game to just one console, particularly a much hyped release like Titanfall.

      I think as far as day 1 releases go the Xbone is the better of the two consoles now. Between the delays to WatchDogs and Driveclub the Xbone exclusives Forza, Dead Rising and Ryse are MUCH better than the PS4 launch which doesn’t have anything of note that won’t be on the Xbone too. Don’t forget that in Australia all pre-orders will come with a free copy of FIFA 14 aswell!

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    Its slated for origin only too, Maybe just maybe this "timed exclusive" means we will see it on steam eventually too, no bloody way im making a purchase on origin

    I've heard rumours of this as well a couple of months ago. Not sure where they came from, but apparently Xbox has always been cagey about the way they describe the game being "exclusive", like they don't want to commit to it.

    If I were to get it, it'd be on PC. No way I'd buy a new console just to play it. Or wait for PS4 when I get one after HSC!

    I'll be getting it for the xb1, the cloud features look awesome and like the fact your AI will simulate the way your friends play :D.

    i spend all day on a PC hate being on the PC at home too. Plus having 4 kids would have to compete with kids homework etc

    If it comes to PS4, wouldn't that mean Microsoft's focus on cloud connectivity as a console seller kind of irrelevant? Obviously Sony have the capabilities - if they're following suit with Microsoft and investing in cloud infrastructure, it'd take away a potentially humungous drawcard for Xbox 1.

    Yeah, it'll be on PS4 eventually, otherwise MS, EA or Respawn would have said clearly that it's a real exclusive, not just a timed one.

    There was also this interview with Eurogamer a while back:

    A few quotes from that article:

    "When you boil it down, we would love to be everywhere, but we're just starting out," Emslie explained. "It comes down to quality, not quantity. We have a fantastic relationship with Microsoft. It just boiled down to, okay, how can we hit this as hard as can and get it on as many platforms as possible and deliver the quality, the 60 hertz, out of the gate? That was the goal.

    "We of course would want to go further in the future with stuff, but we're just starting out. It's pretty frustrating! We want to be everywhere. We want to put Titanfall everywhere, but that's where we're at. We're starting there."

    Let's put it plainly: will PlayStation owners ever see Titanfall?
    "It's definitely not out of the question," Emslie replied. "We have a huge appreciation for the fans. Coming out and showing it to everybody, we're super nervous and wanted to make sure everybody loved it. We love all our fans, whatever console they support.
    "So yeah. We want to make everybody happy, but this is where we're at right now."

    So reading that, the obvious conclusion you come to is that it's XBox exclusive now, but won't be later.

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    I still think you're an idiot if you're an Australian who pre-orders the Xbox One. We already know it will be launching here with a lot of features not available internationally. Like the XBLIG for the 360, which was never made available in Australia. I'd wait for the reviews at least to see how truly gimped our version of the console is.

      Or maybe somebody just wants to play the new Forza or Dead Rising or whatever and doesn't really care about the other stuff anyway.


        Don’t forget pre-orders get a free copy of FIFA 14 too.

        Forza has been in development for years and comes from a long line of AAA titles, there’s no reason to expect that it won’t be the best overall driving sim on the market given that its predecessor probably holds that crown currently. If you’re a car nut it’s a damn good reason to buy an Xbone over a PS4, not just on day one either; Driveclub is an untested franchise and anyone holding their breath for a new Gran Turismo on the PS4 is a moron.

        Dead Rising looks good and won’t be available on the PS4, Ryse I’m not certain about but again it’s exclusive. Add to that Titanfall being the most hyped next-gen game so far being on the Xbone within the first 6 months.

        I won’t comment on which console people should get overall, but with Driveclub and Watchdogs delayed I can see more reasons why an Xbox fan would be in a hurry to get one than I can for a PS fan wanting a PS4. It looks like the Xbone will have the better games for the first six months at least.

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          Driveclub comes from Evolution, who made Motorstorm, which was summarily excellent. Not contending your point that it's an unproven franchise, but Evolution are a proven studio who really know how to make gorgeous arcade racers. I'm quite excited about it - especially given that it's free.

            It was part free I thought? Like free but with DLC in places or a large free demo or something?

            I'm sure it will be good, what I meant by first time out was that the two big racing franchises have been evolving and building on their old assets for several games. I can't see Driveclub pulling off several hundred cars or anything like that.

            It looks more like a NFS competitor and I don't see that selling consoles that's all. As we've seen over past generations the enormous Gran Turismo style driving sim can be a system seller for car nuts.

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              Honestly, I'm not sure about DLC, paywalls, etc -all those lovely features of "free" modern gaming. I was under the impression that It was a fully fledged retail game, available as one of the first free PS4 titles for PS+ subscribers. Which makes sense to me - it'll be a killer app for PS+, rather than Playstation as a platform. I suspect Sony are eating the investment in order to sweeten the fact that you have to pay to play online on PS4.
              And if it keeps Evolution in business I'm happy to jump on board, because Motorstorm Apocalypse was amazing.

                Just did a quick wiki check:

                At E3 2013 Sony announced that there will be a special edition of Driveclub which will be free forPlayStation Plus subscribers. The PlayStation Plus edition will have the same mechanics featured in the retail game and the ability to obtain the Platinum trophy, but a limited selection of cars and tracks.

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    Check this reason that EA has stated of making the game an Exclusive for Microsoft product

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