Titanfall, Respawn's Big Xbox Exclusive, Is Coming Spring 2014

Details about the next game from the creative minds behind Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare already leaked last week from an errant publication of an upcoming Game Informer issue.

But people all over got to see the thing in action as it closed out Microsoft’s Xbox E3 event this morning. Jetpacks, mechs and a voice that sounds a lot like Mr. Ubiquitous Troy Baker all whizzed by in the gameplay clip. It’s not until next year, meaning that there’ll be a lot more teasing and refinement to show before players will get their hands on it.


    I wish this was coming to PS4.
    Wait a sec...
    no I don't. just another generic shooter. and considering who made it, it's bound to be bug ridden when it is released.

      its coming to PC... so thats good enough for me...


    Ill play this Blacklight of Duty on my pc then...

    Actually having now seen the PS4 reveal and the plethora of advantages, I hope this comes out on 360 as well as XBone. Because then I'll be able to play it. Because my Xbox 360 will be plugged in right alongside my shiny new PS4....

    I liked the trailer, but then when the gameplay showed it was Battlefield Giant Robots (didn't we have that already?), I was a little less enthused. Would still like to try it though.

    Never really liked Mech games but I have always enjoyed CoD, this is basically CoD: Mechwarrior. Solid maybe from me

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