The Most Awesome Creations Of The Everquest Next Landmark Community

The Most Awesome Creations Of The Everquest Next Landmark Community

Everquest Next Landmark, everyone’s favourite voxel-based multiplayer mining and building simulator, is entering closed beta after about two months’ worth of alpha testing. But, more importantly, Sony Online Entertainment has decided to share some of the best-looking structures players have created during that time.

A transition to beta means that these structures will be wiped, giving testers a chance to start from scratch. Although templates of existing structures are saved, which means they can be rebuilt with the necessary amount of materials, some creations might still be lost if, say, their builders have already left the game. So there’s definitely a sense of loss involved.

Fortunately, the EQNL alpha has been recorded and documented in thousands upon of thousands of screenshots, picture albums and videos — for example, we have above a rather emotional fan-made highlight video which even made its way onto the official game website. You can tell that people really love this game.

Here’s the rest of the player-built structures Sony selected. How will closed beta players ever top these? Man. So pretty. And all hand-built, too.


  • Only just got in the beta yesterday. Have not even attempted building yet. Still slowly getting some better tools.

  • Interesting. Looks like one of the consequences of the user generated buildings means a lack of consistency of style.

    • Currently that is known as variety. There’s talk about having competitions asking players to build in particular styles, perhaps even based on the Lore, but for now it really is a giant sandbox and people will build anything from spaceships to underground cities.

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