The Unlikely Future Of Ordering At Pizza Hut

The first thing this concept video for a fully interactive tabletop Pizza Hut touch ordering system gets wrong is imagining a future where people still dine in at Pizza Hut.

I have not sat down at a Pizza Hut in more than a decade, back when I worked out of an office in Alpharetta, Georgia, and even then I just got the buffet, which would not require an expensive computer table.

For the sake of Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon, let's assume people of the future are sitting down at Pizza Hut for a nice-ish meal. Are they going to want to have the exact same experience they would ordering pizza over the internet?

And how about the woman pushing away the pepperoni in disgust? What is wrong with that woman? That would start a fight in my family.

At least until we got to the part where we could play mobile games on the table together. Then all would be forgiven, as I lose myself in a relaxing game of Dragon Academy, a singleplayer match-3 puzzle game that runs in portrait mode. It's just like ignoring your spouse for your mobile phone, only now there's an entire table worth of passive aggression for you to play with.

Maybe we should start going back to Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut + Chaotic Moon Studios Interactive Concept Table [YouTube via VVV]


    Are there still eat-in Pizza Huts in Australia?, you don't see the old red roof stores around anymore.

      There's only one in Brisbane that I know of. In Browns Plains. Not sure about other states/cities. Hell not even sure if that store is even still there as I haven't been in a while, but for the longest time, it was the only one.

        Its still there, sorry was talking about the one in Browns Plains

        Last edited 05/03/14 8:07 pm

      There are a bunch in Perth but I cant think of any eat in Pizza Huts they are all delivery

    Reminds me of this:

    so this will be the only company to buy a microsoft pixelsense when they come to market?

    Americans don't know how to do pizza, they always have 1 topping + cheese. boring as shit. a supreme would blow their seppo minds.

    The pizza they create on screen vs the pizza they get delivered would create even more disappointment.

    iPhones don't have NFC so payment method won't work like in that clip. Android support NFC.

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