Unreal Engine 4 Looks Both Fun And Productive

The last time I took a serious look at Unreal Engine with the intention of developing a game with it, I remember blindly navigating a complete mess of software with several proprietary appendages attached (UnrealScript) and high levels of abstraction (node-based materials). This, admittedly, was a very long time ago and going by this latest walk-through video from Epic for Unreal Engine 4, it's matured into one slick-looking piece of middleware.

This clip was put together for this year's GDC and shows some of the tech's features, including Boolean-based level creation, the visualisation of vertex manipulation via a wireframe view and the simplicity at which render textures can be implemented in-scene.

Engines — and tools — have come a long way since the days of manually carving out levels in Valve's Hammer Editor (originally called Worldcraft if memory serves) and where options were limited, we now have CryEngine, Unity, Frostbite and others.

Unreal Engine 4 Tools Demonstration — GDC 2014 [YouTube]


    whao that editor looks so user friendly to even non programmers

    also UE4

    Awesome textures

    That ice, wood, metal with fire and water simulator was amazing

    But things still look cartoony. It "simulates" real world objects, but still looks like team fortress/half life. Basically source engine. which we all know is actually very non realistic, despite looking realistic.

    All in all, its about time they release this. If consoles didnt exist, we'd have this 5 years ago

    Holy shit i just watched the end sequence.....call of duty is gunna be so........shit still but with nice graphics

    Last edited 22/03/14 3:26 pm

      whao that editor looks so user friendly to even non programmers

      You'd hope it would be user friendly to non-programmers, since it's primarily used by level designers and artists.

    Does this mean we'll be getting an Unreal Tournament 4 soon? I really liked the third one.

      Apparently Epic said they don't have one in development, which kinda sucks

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