Video Games Live Concert Tour Heading To Mexico, South America And China

Video Games Live Concert Tour Heading to Mexico, South America and China

The ever-popular Video Games Live tour, which features orchestral performances of a super wide range of music from games, has 50 newly announced dates for stops all around the globe, from Europe to Southeast Asia to South America and more.

The tour (dates and ticket info here) will include concerts in Mexico City, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Milan, Paris and London, along with numerous spots all across North America and undetermined cities in Brazil, Peru, Panama and Venezuela. The tour kicks off this weekend we are currently inhabiting in Arizona, and extends into 2015. The press release for the announcement of these dates and stops claims there will be more added for both this year and next, so yeah...

The 10-city swing through Mexico, by the way, will feature Malukah singing her Skyrim song "The Dragonborn Comes," so, yeah... again. Other regions will get their own unique bits, and so you'll need to set a lofty goal for your indiegogo campaign if you want to see and hear everything.


    Seriously, what's the point of having this reposted to the Australian Kotaku? In related news, I saw the rePLAY Sydney Symphony Orchestra plays it's second and last Australian show at the Opera House yesterday afternoon, but no use reporting on that I see.

      Well, i only check this .au Kotaku and i am actually on holiday in Orlando on the night they are there, so i'm happy it was re-posted as i can now go if i want to !

      Went on opening night. It was great, but I'm not sure the whole Hero's Journey thing worked as well as it should have. I think I liked the first one back in 2007(?) better. They had Akira Yamaoka!

        I was a little let down by rePLAY, I was confused by their choice of music (Lair? seriously??!!) and how some parts didn't have visuals (Crono and FF8) maybe they didn't have the rights or something. But yeah I agree, the hero's journey thing is a nice idea, but it just didn't gel well for me

        The Zelda concert last year was waaaay more enjoyable.

        Last edited 10/03/14 6:07 pm

          Yeaahh, my exact thoughts. I haven't heard/seen anything on Lair for years and was happy for it to stay that way, but then it pops up and I'm like ".......what?!". I liked it, but I think the selection of games/music could have been better, although there were a few unexpected stars in there ala Guild Wars 2 was magnificent imo.

    Australia left out again. See, mainland Australia? This is how Tasmanians feel ALL.THE.TIME. :p

      Maybe you should have thought about that before you floated away

      Yeah but to be fair, it's Tasmania. There's only like 6 people there.

      Tasmania has got the NBN, so it kind of balances out.

        Correction: Only a small percentage are connected to the NBN. That and the rollout has stopped too. The whole thing is one big cockup. :(

    I remember the dude behind VGL coming to Australia for Supanova about 10 odd years ago (Tommy Tallarico), and was all like "HECK YEAH AUSTRALIA IS AWESOME AND WE'LL BE COMING HERE SOON, AWW YEAH"

    And that was the last Australia ever saw of them. I mean you even wrote about it in Kotaku 3 years ago ( about how Aus was put down for a 2012 TBA event, and that never eventuated. You can search on VGL's tour dates for any of the cities mentioned in that article and they don't show up.

    Thank you for reminding us that we are the peasant country no one wants to visit.

      This! Why do they post it here if we're hours away from the countries this is taking place in?

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