Wacky Titanfall News Report Has Halo, Call Of Duty Shooting Each Other

Look, we can’t say that Next Media Animation’s segment on today’s hot release actually, y’know, makes sense, as far what the moving images signify. But it’s fun to watch. And, hey, it’s Francis! Think he knows he’s in this?

The best part of NMA’s take on Titanfall has to be its terrible approximation of the game’s parkour traversal. Why exactly does the character jump into the garbage can? This makes less sense than some of NMA’s other stuff. And that’s saying something.


  • Gotta love jap news lol

    But if it is true they are going to sell a single player DLC which should be included in the original release then MS can go fuck themselves, they have more money then they know what to do with.

    • “Gotta love jap news lol”
      >Video publisher is “Taiwanese animators”, description mentions the world “Taiwanese” three times

      Love the Boogie cameo.

    • 1. Not Japanese
      2. “Jap” is a racial vilification coined by soldiers guarding Japanese-Americans who were forced into concentration camps in the US during WW2. Might be a good idea to drop that word from your vocabulary in general.

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