While You Were Sleeping

Friday. What the hell? The older I get the faster time travels and that is goddamn terrifying. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We gots da news for ya. (I talk like this now).

Well, this is interesting. Disney just laid off 700 employees. 700. That's a very big number. Apparently all of the staff worked in Disney's games and mobile divisions.

And speaking of Disney — have you ever wanted to play as a character from Frozen in an MMO? I know I have. Prepare to let it go with this new update from South Korean MMO Aion!

DirectX 12 is just around the corner. It's coming. Get ready. This is a game of Pac-Man that's also a mesmerising symphony and Pokemon could totally make itself really, really scary if it wanted to.

In Short Disney Lays Off 700 Employees A Game Of Pac-Man That's Also A Mesmerising Symphony Pokemon Would Be A Really Fearsome 90s Horror Show A New DirectX Is Coming Ever Wanted To Play Frozen In An MMO? Now You Sorta Can


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