While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. Time for news. And pictures of babies. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Okay dokey, so remember Blizzard's next big MMO? It's the game it's been working on for years. Guess what — it's going to be working on it for more years. Apparently 'Titan' or whatever it's going to be called has gone right back to the drawing board. More info here.

I've gotten used to a fair few 'no comment' emails from publishers. Most folks don't want to talk about their product until they've got some fancy new trailer to show off. I get it. I understand. But all I ask for is a little creativity! Like this — a haiku no comment email! Brilliant!

Will Xbox One ruin rental services like Gamefly? No-one seems to know. Here's another question: is this the most bootylicious mouse pad ever made?

And finally, check out some text messages from the land of Hyrule. These are top notch.

In Short Blizzard's Next Big MMO Goes Back To The Drawing Board Video Game PR Issues Beautiful No Comment In Haiku Texts From Zelda Imagines Hyrule Infested With iPhones Fire Emblem's Chrom Is Now Gaming's Most Bootylicious Prince Will Xbox One Ruin Gamefly? Gamefly Won't Say


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